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Ford Flathead V8 - 1932 thru 1953

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Engine Building Fuel Systems Electrical Systems Transmissions, Axles, & O/D's
Head Preparation Carbs and Intakes 6V to 12V Generator Flathead Transmission A to Z
Lifter Adjusting Intake Manifold Heat Riser Trouble Shoot Charging System Pulling Rear Hubs
Stroker Rods Defined Holley Carb Modification Electrical, Generators grounding-connections Flywheel Observations
Melling High Volume M15? Carburetor Myth's 6 Volt Electrical Tips Pre'49 Carrier Bearing Adjustment
Heads, a commentary by rumbleseat Carb Jets & Power Valves 12V Boost for a 6V System 9" Rear End Measurement
Oil Priming A Rebuild Fuel and Carbs Field Diagnostic Tool Retro 4 Speed Trans to 8BA
Sealing Headbolt Leaks Fuel Pump Repair Temperature Gauge Diagnostics 49/'50 vs '51 Transmission Gear Compatibility
Popup Pistons 8BA Multi Carbs W/Stock Advance Distributor Mighty Wiper Installation F1 Differential Adjusting
Crank Shaft Sludge Uni-Syn Discussion Converting 6 Volt Radio to operate on 12 Volt Zephyr Gears and Compatibility
'Valve Seats & Leaded Fuel 12V to 6V Stepdown Jumping Out Of 2nd Gear?
Adjustable Cam Gear Indentify Your V8 Carburetor Oil Filters and Lube Borg Warner/Muncie 4 Speed Transmission
A lesson in Porting Stromberg 97 Carburetor Specifications Oil Filter Discussion Axle Nut Torque
Fitting Floater Inserts Holley 94 Carburetor Specifications Engine Oil Weight Opinions Lapping Hub to Axle
Coolant Leak 95% Oil Filtering Trouble Shoot Overdrive
Retro 4" Crank to 59 Block Useful Stuff 8BA Low Oil Pressure Determine Rear Gear Ratio
Valve Spring Pressure Calculate RPM/Gear Ratio Flathead Oilflow Clutch and Pressure Plate
Unstick that Setup Flattie Formula to Estimate Peak HP Full Flow Oil Filter Dropped Front Axle
Rear Main Sealing Solutions Flathead Towing Bill Mumaw's Oil Filtering System R & R 37-48 Drive Shaft Center Bearing
Valve Seals on Intakes Conversion Tables Brakes & Suspension Ignition Systems
Cam Grind-A Detailed Primer Loctite Applications Camber/Caster Adjusting 8BA Mallory Dwell Setting
Piston Dome Paint Prep Tips More on Camber/Caster Mallory Mechanical Advance
Blowby Discussion Chemically Remove Rust from small parts Steering Wheel Removal Pertronix Ignition - Yes or No?
49 - 53 Bellhousing Compatable ID Bending Steel Tubing 39-'42 Brake Adjustment Timing 8BA Mallory Electronic Distributor
49-53 Head Bolt Tightening Sequence Clutch Spring ID Mustang Disc/Drum M/C A Discussion Locating Top Dead Center
FOMOCO 1937 - 1948 Engine Repair Manual Tire Talk Install F-1 Brakes on Early Spindles Bill Mumaw's 59A Electronic Conversion
Compression Ratio Chart Coolant & Corrosion Timing The 59AB
Claying Piston/Valve Head Clearance Conversion Formulas for Gear, RPM, MPH, Tire Overdrive Information 32/48 Timing Fixture Don't Need'em!
Installing Windshield Wipers in a '36 Pickup Building A Clutch Anti-Chatter Assembly Columbia Overview HEI Distributor Conversion
ID 4" Mercury Crankshaft Build a Timing Fixture Columbia Installation #1 Condensers, a discussion
Cylinder Sleeve/Liner Radial VS Bias Ply Tires Columbia Installation #2 37-51Distributor Specs
49-53 Water Pump Rebuild by Dave O'Neil Dashboard Wood Graining from 40Fred Mitchell Overdrive 49-53 Distributor Specs
49 EBrake Paw Repair by Dave O'Neil Joe Abbin's Compression Ratio Chart 49-53 OD Wiring Diagram
49 3/4 Ton Hub Removal by Dave O'Neil PCV Discussion T5 Transmission Swap by Mike Modified
Ford Raw Material Chart How To ID 4" Merc Crank T5 Transmission Swap by Flat Ernie
Welding Cracked Blocks T5 Transmission - Maintenance & Service
French Flatheads ID Ford Rearends T5 Transmission Rebuild
39-41 Heater Wiring 49 Truck Accessory Catalog
French Flathead by Jens Munk Differentials .. How they work 35-40 Frame Planograph
French Flathead Commentary F1 Column Shift Rebuild Convert Generator to Alternator

Rumble Seat's Flathead Tips, a chronicle of over 60 years improving Flathead performance

In the words of Fred Offenhauser..... 'There are street rods and there are hot rods.
Street rods have a Chevy up front and a can of wax in the back.
Hot rods have a flathead up front and tools in the back.'


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