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Peter Merholz

/Interview/ Peter Merholz

22/02/2011 | Filed under Discover > Interview

Peter Merholz, founding partner and president of Adaptive Path, gives Oliver Lindberg an insight into how the agency works, how to develop an experience strategy and how user experience can change an organisation’s structure

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Power without the price: get a certified workstation for the price of a PC

Power without the price: get a certified workstation for the price of a PC


If your budget says “PC” but your workload screams “workstation”, you no longer need to compromise by skimping on performance, cutting corners or running a gaming PC that sounds like rush hour when it’s rendering. Maybe you’re after more power and scalability than a traditional desktop PC, with workstation-class graphics and an enormous range of possible configurations

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Love hurts

/Big Mouth/ Love hurts

14/02/2011 | Filed under Discover > Big Mouth

Gary Marshall has an unwelcome appointment with Mr Stabby, and he knows who to blame for it. It’s all your fault

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Handling criticism

/Opinion/ Handling criticism

11/02/2011 | Filed under Discover > Opinion

You can’t create anything these days without attracting hateful, unconstructive comments, says Garrett Dimon – but you don’t have to let them ruin your day

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Keep taking the tablets

Keep taking the tablets


2011, it seems, is the year of the tablet, and by 2015 Forrester Research predicts that in the US alone, some 82 million people will spend at least some of their time tapping on tablets. So what does that mean for content creators?

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Can you tell what it is yet?

/Big Question/ Can you tell what it is yet?

01/02/2011 | Filed under Discover > Big Question

How do ‘show and tell’ sites like Dribbble affect the design process?

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The brains behind: Betabrand

/Interview/ The brains behind: Betabrand

01/02/2011 | Filed under Discover > Interview

Chris Lindland’s unique fashion site sells items such as horizontal corduroys and a ‘Vagisoft’ blanket. He tells Tanya Combrinck what it all means

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See your work in true colours

See your work in true colours


Exceptional talent deserves exceptional equipment, and a powerful workstation is just part of the picture. If your display doesn’t deliver exceptional viewing quality and accurate colour, you’re not getting the best from your investment - or getting the high quality output your work deserves. That’s why Dell created the UltraSharp range of stunning displays, the perfect partners for its Dell Precision workstations.

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Dan Cederholm

/Interview/ Dan Cederholm

25/01/2011 | Filed under Discover > Interview

Dan Cederholm discovered web standards and never looked back. He talks to Oliver Lindberg about what’s got him excited again about CSS, how to implement CSS3 and what’s next for his designers’ playground, Dribbble

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Quick & easy JavaScript

Quick & easy JavaScript

20/01/2011 | Filed under Develop / Discover

JavaScript frameworks and libraries can take the strain out of coding and speed up your site build. Remy Sharp gives his lowdown on which tools best fit which jobs

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The Pro Files: Will Eades

The Pro Files: Will Eades


As part of our  Dell Creative Studio, we’ve asked some of the UK’s leading creative pros to share their stories, telling us the proudest moments of their creative careers, the best advice they’ve ever been given and where they turn for inspiration when they hit a creative block. In our first instalment we speak to Will Eades, Lead Animator with RealtimeUK, which makes cutting-edge CG for videogames, adverts and digital campaigns.

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Experience matters

/Opinion/ Experience matters

17/01/2011 | Filed under Discover > Opinion

User experience is critical to brand development in the digital age, explains Catherine Lawford, MD of service design consultancy Seren

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