Stanley Meyer keyword extraction from the patent #5149407
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Stanley Meyer keyword extraction from the patent #5149407 Stanley Meyer keyword extraction from the patent #5149407

Results for:

shown in fig260.50%
hydrogen and oxygen240.46%
the water molecule200.39%
electromagnetic wave energy130.25%
water molecules are120.23%
the energy level120.23%
circuit of fig120.23%
Hydrogen gas resonant cavity110.21%
level of the110.21%
such as shown110.21%
Stanley Meyer water fuel cell100.19%
the water molecules100.19%
the first stage100.19%
such that the100.19%
subjected to a100.19%
pulsating electric field100.19%
the gas atoms90.17%
thermal explosive energy90.17%
the electrical field90.17%
a fuel gas90.17%
the co valent80.15%
the gas resonant80.15%
claim in which80.15%
the gas mixture80.15%
the pulsating electric80.15%
Stanley Meyer apparatus of claim70.14%
the capacitor plates70.14%
gas ions are70.14%
increased in cascading70.14%
cascading incremental steps70.14%
positive and negative70.14%
wave energy source70.14%
the water capacitor70.14%
applied to the60.12%
stanley meyer water60.12%
the gas ions60.12%
force of the60.12%
charged oxygen atoms60.12%
the negatively charged60.12%
the same time60.12%
charged hydrogen atoms60.12%
fuel gas mixture60.12%
claim or claim60.12%
a predetermined frequency60.12%
field induces a60.12%
induces a resonance60.12%
resonant charging choke60.12%
electrical polar forces60.12%
electric field induces60.12%
subjection to electrical60.12%
fuel cell united60.12%
meyer water fuel60.12%
united states patent60.12%
cell united states60.12%
thermal lens assembly60.12%
the fuel cell50.10%
same time the50.10%
polar electric field50.10%
increasing voltage potential50.10%
exposed to a50.10%
the molecule is50.10%
electrons of the50.10%
stage of the50.10%
pulsating polar electric50.10%
field of the50.10%
the positively charged50.10%
reason of their50.10%
bonding of the50.10%
ambient air gases50.10%
the fuel gas50.10%
resonance in the50.10%
gas atoms are50.10%
a pulsating polar50.10%
a resonant charging50.10%
said gas atoms40.08%
mixture including hydrogen40.08%
the voltage field40.08%
negatively charged oxygen40.08%
the pulse train40.08%
pulse train is40.08%
liberated from the40.08%
increased energy state40.08%
object of the40.08%
resonance with respect40.08%
energized and unstable40.08%
ions while such40.08%
the ion whereby40.08%
ion whereby the40.08%
oriented water molecules40.08%
electron extractor grid40.08%
a and b40.08%
frequency to induce40.08%
induce a further40.08%
whereby the energy40.08%
fuel gas is40.08%
are in an40.08%
water in the40.08%
application of the40.08%
such ions are40.08%
electrons from the40.08%

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