Stanley Meyer Directory courtesy of Clusty.Com
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Stanley Meyer Directory courtesy of Clusty.ComStanley Meyer Directory courtesy of Clusty.Com

Stanley Meyer was an American inventor who found a way to seperate water into its component elements (hydrogen and oxygen) with a low-amplitude electric current. He even used his method to invent a car which ran on nothing more than tap water. His inventions produced several times more energy than they seemed to consume, violating achademically established laws of physics.

Meyer was working on a kit through which one convert almost any vehicle to run on water in the late 1990’s, when he suddenly died of poisoning (presumably by an assassin), and his lab was robbed of all of his inventions and research.

But luckily enough of his work was made public before his death that today there is a growing community of engineers, inventors, and small business men around the world who are working hard to spread this technology and allow every ordinary citizen to power his or her car, and home with common, every-day tap water.

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