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A Washington Duke genealogy as it pertains to Duke University

Washington Duke (1820-1905)
    Namesake of the University; statue at entrance to East Campus
    Married 1st, 1842, Mary Caroline Clinton (1825-1847). Children:

  • Sidney Taylor Duke (1844-1858); no known descendants
  • Brodie Leonidas Duke (1846-1919): 4 marriages, at least 4 children

    Married 2nd, 1852, Artelia Roney (1829-1858)
    The fountain in front of the East Duke Building is named for her sister, Anne Roney. Children:

  • Mary Elizabeth Duke (1853-1893)
    Married Robert Edwin Lyon (1855-1929); 5 children

    • Mary Lyon (married James Edward Stagg), Benjamin, George, Bertha, Edwin
      Stagg Pavilion, in front of the East Duke Building, East Campus.

  • Benjamin Newton Duke (1855-1929) Trustee, 1889-1929
    B. N.. Duke Statue, East Campus; B. N. Duke Scholarship Program; B. N. Duke Memorial Organ, Chapel
    Married Sarah Pearson Angier (1856-1936).
        Sarah P. Duke Gardens; children:
    • George Washington Duke (died in infancy)

    • Angier Buchanan Duke (1884-1923) Trinity, Class of 1905, Trustee, 1912-1923
          A.B. Duke Scholarships, 1925.
      Married Cordelia Drexel Biddle; children:

      • Angier Biddle Duke (1915-1995) "Ambassador", married Robin Lynn

      • Anthony Drexel Duke, "Tony" (1918- ) Trustee, 1976-1989, married Lourdes Alcebo

    • Mary Lillian Duke (1887-1960), Trinity Class of 1907
          Mary Duke Biddle Music Building, 1974; Rare Book Room, Perkins Library.
          Married Anthony Joseph Drexel Biddle (1896-1961).  Anthony Joseph Drexel Biddle Lectureship in International Studies

    • Mary Duke Biddle (1920-). Duke Class of 1939; Trustee, 1961-1981; Chair, The Duke Endowment, 1982-2000
      Married 1st, Josiah Charles Trent, MD, (1914-1948)
      Trent Drive, Trent Hall, Trent Collection in DUMC Library
      Married 2nd, James Hustead Semans, MD (1910- ) Professor emeritus, DUMC

    • Nicholas Benjamin Duke Biddle (1921-) married Nancy H. Preston

  • James Buchanan Duke (1856-1925) Trustee, 1918-1925
    Gave library building, 1903; founded Duke Endowment and Duke University 1924; Statue on West Campus; James B. Duke Professorships
    Married 1st, 1904, Lillian Fletcher McCredy; div. 1906; no children

    Married 2nd, 1907, Nanaline Holt Inman.
    Medical Science Research Building, West Campus, 1968.

    • Doris Duke, 1912-1993.
      Gifts for medical and environmental research. Doris Duke Center for the Sarah P. Duke Gardens

Note: This is not intended to be a complete family genealogy; there is more detailed information available for use in the University Archives.

Italics indicate statues, buildings and other memorials and the date of establishment, naming or dedication.

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