War Memorials in north Kincardineshire




Banchory Ternan Parish War Memorial

Men of Banchory who fell in the Great War 1914 - 1919

James Archibald
William Anderson
William R. Anderson
Herbert Bain
James Beaton
(Fred Bell
(Hugh Thomas Bell
Fenton Bisset
Francis Duncan Black
Charles Simpson Burnett
Alexander Calder
Ian A. Cameron
Robert John Chisholm
William Christie
William Chrystall
William G. Cooper
David Wood Crichton
Duncan Hamlyn Davidson
George Davidson
William Leslie Davidson
Emslie F. Donald
(George Douglas
(Gordon Douglas
James Duguid
(George William Dunbar
(Norman James Dunbar
William Durward
George Ewan
Allister Farquhar
Roderick Ferguson
John Findlay
(Edward Fordyce
(James Fordyce
William Fraser-Chisholm
(John G. Gilmour
(William M. Gilmour
Willie John Oberlin Gilmour
William Hay
(John Humble
(William Humble
Alexander Derowald Innes
Alexander A. Kean
William Kelman
Alexander Laird
George Lamb
William Lawson
Charles A. Leighton
Alexander Leiper
Harold J.R. Lindsay
James Lumsden
James Lyon
Robert McCondach
William McLennan
William Mackie
James Manson
James Massie
Edwin Masson
Arthur Mennie
(Alexander W. Menzies
(Thomas Menzies
William M.S. Merson
Edward Milne
George Milne
James Mitchell
Stuart Morrison
Ian Raymond Murchison
(James Frater Murray
(William Murray
John Ogg
George Reid
James G. Reid
William S. Reid
Tom Robertson
Alexander Maver Ross
John Shepherd
Alfred Sherriffs
Robert Simpson
Fred Smith
(Ivan Boyd Sprot
(James W. Lennox Sprot
Charles Stewart
(Alexander Sutherland
(William Sutherland
Adam Thomson)
John Thomson)
Charles I. T. Turner
Henry Percy Uniacke
Hugh A. Wark
Charles Watt
Frank Wattie
Alexander Wilson
James I. Wright

1939 - 1945

James A. M. Adam
(Alfred D.J. Adams
(James Adams
Forbes G. Barrack
Charles I. Brown
Roger W.O. Burnett Yr. of Leys
Charles Crowe
Arthur G. Davidson
James Dawson
Hunter Douglas
Alexander T. Forrest
Harold F. Lawson
George McRobbie
A.E. Peter Mallia
George Mathew
Cecil J. Milligan
George Moir
James F. Murray
David A. Nicoll
David H. Niven
James H. Ogilvie
John Paterson
John A. Rose
Alexander G. Russell
John H.D. Sharp
David J.D. Strath
David Thom
(David W. Watt
(James A. Watt
Georg Wilson
Harry Wright


Banchory-Devenick Parish War Memorial

Not yet available.


Cookney Parish War Memorial

Cookney war memorial can be found in close proximity to the former church. Note how the names are arranged alphabetically regardless of rank or position.

To The Glory of God And In The Memory Of The Men Of The Parish of Cookney Who Made The Supreme Sacrifice In The Great War Of 1914 - 1919.
Pte. A Armstrong
Pte. W. Armstrong
Rfm. J. Beaton
Pte. D. Bennett
A.B. W. Black
Pte. A. Christie
Pte. P. Davidson
Pte. W. Davidson
Pte. A Donald
Rfm. J. Findlay
Pte. J. Garlick
Lieut. W. Grant
Pte. G. Henderson
Pte. J. King
Pte. G. McKay
Pte. W. McKay
LCpl. H. Millar
Pte. F. Mitchell
Pte. J. Murray
Cpl. A.Napier
Pte/ G. Paul
S.Sgt. H. Philip
App.S. J. Reid
Pte. J. Riddell
Pte. D. Robertson
Tpr. W. Simpson
Pte. J. Simpson
Pte. G. Stewart
Pte. J. Stewart
Pte. W. Stewart
Pte D. Strachan
A.B. R. Spark


Durris Parish War Memorial

Durris War Memorial lies next to the main Aberdeen to Banchory Road on the south side of the River Dee.

To the Glory of God and in Sacred Memory of the men of this Parish who made the supreme sacrifice in the Great War 1914 - 1919.
A) The side to the right of front.

Royal Scots -
Pte. R. Crowe
Pte. J. F. Ross

Gordon Highlanders-
C.S.M. W. L. Bain
Sgt. J. Shepherd
Sgt. R.C. Stewart
Cpl. G. Philip
L.Cpl. J. Park
Pte. J. Dick
Pte. R.A. Durward
Pte. J. Grassick
Pte. R. McCallum
Pte. R. McLaren
Pte. A. Marshall (1)
Pte. A. Marshall (2)
Pte. W. Ross
Pte. C.R. Willox

Cameron Highlanders -
Pte. D. Sharpe

B) The side to the left of front.

Scottish Rifles -
Sgt. A. M. Marshall, M.M.

H.L.I  -
Pte. J. Moultrei

R.A.M.C. (M.T.) -
L.Cpl. A. N. Robertson

M.G. Corps -
Pte. A.R. Duncan

Canadians -
Sgt. A. Cruickshank
Sgt. B. McRae, M.M.
Spr. D. M. Campbell
Pte. G. Davidson.
C) The side rear of the front (i.e. the back).

1939 - 1945.

Royal Artillery -
Gnr. James A. Ewan

Gordon Highlanders -
Pte. William Marshall

R.A.F. -
Sgt. Alexander J. McHardy.
see the McHardy grave inscriptions in Durris Churchyard


Maryculter Parish War Memorial

Maryculter War Memorial is located in the kirkyard at Maryculter Church.

To the Glory of God and in grateful memory of the men of the Parish of Maryculter who gave their lives in the Great War for the cause of Liberty and Right 1914 - 1919.

A) Front Panel:-

i) First Column:-
William Rae
William Weir
William Silver
James Henderson
Alexander Booth
Alexander Catto
Edwin Middleton
Norman McDonald

ii) Second Column:-
John W. Ross
Charles Lovie
George Silver
Francis K. Smith
William Barclay
Alexander Stephen
Robert Middleton
William Falconer

Their name liveth for evermore"

B) The side to the right of front.

1939 - 1945
Alexander Anderson
John G. Boddy  A. M.
Bruce Emslie
Tom D. McGill.


Nigg Parish War Memorial

Now encompassed in the city of Aberdeen, this majestic grey granite parish church has recently had it's windows boarded up. The war memorial lies in the kirkyard.


Erected by Public Subscription in the memory of the Heroes belonging to the Parish of Nigg who fell in the Great War 1914-19.

Side right of front:-

Anderson, David - Loirston
Bankier, George H. - Kirkhill
Booth, Edward D. - Cove Bay
Brand, Alex. - Cove Bay
Brand, John - Cove Bay
Carnegie, James M. - Charleston
Coutts, James - Burnbanks
Craig, George - Tullos
Davidson, George - Charleston
Donald, Robert - Charleston
Fiddes, Alex - Cove Bay
Findlay, James - Loirston

Side back of front:-

Forbes, Gordon - Kincorth
Fraser, George - Cove Bay
Gordon, James - Leggart
Jamie, David G. - Kirkhill
Johnston, David - Kincorth
Keith, David - Leggart
Kelly, William J. - Kincorth
Kerr, Alex. - Altens
Martin, William - Leggart
Mellis, James - Tullos
Milne, John - Tullos
Mitchell, James A. - Charleston

Side left of front:-

McCormack, John - Cove Bay
Nicholson, Robert - Leggart
Reid, Peter - Kirkhill
Reid, John H. - Kirkhill
Rennie, Alex. - Kirkhill
Robertson, Andrew - Leggart
Robertson, John T. - Burnbanks
Sellar, Robert - Kirkhill
Stewart, Francis - Cove Bay
Thom, James - Cove Bay
Thorning, Albert E. - Cove Ba

The 1939-45 ones are around the lower plinth. Note the different naming convention.



Side right of front:-

Frederick Beattie - Burnbanks
Alfred R. Colville - Cove Bay
John Craig - Tullos
Alex. Eggo - Cove Bay
Peter M. Lamb - Cove Bay
James McHardy - Charleston (see the McHardy Family of Ordachoy Genealogical Website )

Side back of front:-

George Merson - Parkhead

Side left of front:-

Fred. McKean - Cove Bay
Andrew Morrice - Kirkton
Alex. E. Mullholland - Abbotswell
George Rankin - Altens
Richard Simpson - Altens
William Still - Cove Bay


Portlethen War Memorial

To the Glorious Memory of Our Fallen Heroes 1914 - 1918

Front Panel

2nd Lieut. Jas. Masson Gordon Highlanders
Sgt. George L. Duthie Australian I.F.
Sgt. A. D. Marr M.A. Gordon Highlanders
L. Cpl. Alexr. Craig Gordon Highlanders
Pte. John W. Barron Gordon Highlanders
Pte. Robert Calder Sherwood Foresters
Pte. John Craig Gordon Highlanders
Pte. James Dick Gordon Highlanders
Pte. Douglas Gordon Gordon Highlanders
Pte. James Gauld Gordon Highlanders
Pte. George A. Gray Gordon Highlanders
Pte. John Leiper Gordon Highlanders
Pte. Alexr. Spence Gordon Highlanders
Pte. E. W. Taggart Gordon Highlanders
Pte. John Tawse - Gordon Highlanders
Pte. William Walker - Gordon Highlanders
i) Pte. John Wood - Gordon Highlanders
ii) Pte. John Wood - Gordon Highlanders
Pte. John Craig - Seaforth Highlanders
Pte. R. G. Milne - Seaforth Highlanders
Pte. G. Dempster - H.L.I.
Alexr. Main - R.N.R (T)
George Wood - R.N.R (T)
John Wood - R.N.R (T)
Pte. George Thomson - Royal Montreal Regiment
Pte. Peter Hardie - Gordon Highlanders

To the Glorious Memory of Our Fallen Heroes 1939 - 1945

Side Panel Left of Front

2nd Mate James Arthur - Merchant Navy
Pte. William Smith Burnett - Black Watch
Pte. George Clyne - Gordon Highlanders
Sapper John Clyne - Royal Engineers
Sapper Wm. A. R. C. Connon - Royal Engineers
Corpl. James Slessor Duncan - Royal Engineers
1st Class Stoker James W. Forbes - Royal Navy
Chief Engineer Angus Ross - Merchant Navy
Trooper James Walker - Lothian & Borders Yeomanry
Driver William Watt - Royal Engineers

Strachan Parish War Memorial

The Memorial stands in the grounds of Strachan Parish Church.

Their Name Liveth Evermore

Erected by the Proprietor and Parishoners of Strachan in Memory of the Heroes Connected with the Parish who made the Supreme Sacrafice in the Great War 1914 - 1919.

Pte. Chas Y. Bell, 7th Gordon Hrs.
Pte. Geo. Bell, 2nd Gordon Hrs.
Pte. Arthur Burnett, 5th Gordon Hrs.
Pte Maxwell Cromar 3rd Gordon Hrs.
Pte. Alex. Middleton, 4th Gordon Hrs.
Pte. Wm. Ross 6th, Gordon Hrs.
Pte. Alex. Sim, 4th Gordon Hrs.
Pte. Alex. Brown, K.O.S.B.
Pte. Jas M.F. Birse, 2nd H.L.I.
Pte. David Gardyne, 2nd Scots Guards.
Pte Jas. H. Copland, 6th South Staffs.
Pte. Ian A. Cameron, M.G.C (Australia).
Pte. Wm. Wilson, 6th Huraki Inf. (N.Z.).
Pte Geo. Boyle, 4th Gordon Hrs.
Side right of front.

1939 - 1945

Capt. M.H.A. Stuart-Hamilton M.C., the Black Watch (R.H.R.).
Lieut. (A) Edward H. Goodbrand, R.N.V.R.
Sgt. Inst. John W. Collie, 10th Bn Parachute Regiment.
Sgt. Robert Middleton, R.A.F.
Pte. Ronald Hay, 1st Gordon Hrs.
Pte. Douglas Laing, 2nd Gordon Hrs.
Rfn. William Bell, the Cameronians Scottish Rifles.



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