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This is Milonic!

Welcome to Milonic Solutions. Milonic are World leaders in the development of Dynamic Hypertext Mark-up Language (DHTML) JavaScript and building dynamic, DHTML based web sites. Milonic's flagship product is the DHTML Menu, used by many of the World's largest companies. You can see a very small selection some of our distinguished clients and partners here

If you are looking for a DHTML Menu or JavaScript Menu to incorporate into your website, Intranet, CD ROM or Open Source software etc we are confident that you can get exactly what you are looking for right here.

Milonic provide without doubt the best, the quickest and the most feature rich JavaScript menu systems found anywhere on the Internet, and is constantly imitated by other DHTML developers, but alas, never equalled. Millions of users Worldwide can't be wrong and with sales in more than 100 countries across 6 continents (See Here) the figures speak for themselves.

The Milonic DHTML Menu or JavaScript Menu and any of the free sample DHTML menus are currently available for download by clicking on the download link on any of the JavaScript menu sample pages.

Milonic have always provided free software to non-profit organizations and this will always be our policy. If you run a non-profit website, why not install the DHTML menu? It's free, easy to use and any sample can be downloaded and installed. All that is required is a small text link somewhere on the web pages that use the DHTML menu.

Scam Warning for Employment Opportunities at

Once again we find out that our company name is being used for scam jobs.

If you are approached by anybody stating that Milonic are hiring staff then please ignore them. Milonic are NOT, I repeat NOT employing anybody at this moment in time so if you see anything to the contrary, it is a scam. Please cease all correspondence with anybody claiming to be part of offering employment.

An easy tell-tale sign will be the use of Gmail or Yahoo accounts for sending email. Official Milonic email only ever come from

WebPlugs Beta Program

WebPlugs is almost in beta - Anybody interested in testing the new generation of menus and other tools can subscribe to the WebPlugs list at - WebPlugs is a new suite of Website Plugins that we have been developing over the last 4 years. We are hoping that this will be a great tool for building powerful web applications using AJAX technologies.

If you have any requests for features or tools, please let us know - either through the WebPlugs List or through our Contact Us Page.

Milonic to partner with AQL Limited

Milonic are pleased to announce a partnership with, providers of sms messaging solutions to the developer community. aql and milonic have joined forces to create the next generation of interactive navigation technology. For information and updates please see the partnership page here:

Bolt-On Modules

As feature rich as the Milonic DHTML Menu is, we also have a vast array of optional extras which come in the form of Bolt-on Modules. We do not include these modules in the full DHTML Menu code as they are specialised scripts which the majority of our users would not utilise. Modules for automatic DHTML Menu opening, keypress DHTML menus, DHTML menu item activating and much more, are available to all of our users at no additional cost and can be downloaded from here.

DHTML Menu Samples

The DHTML Menu samples available demonstrate the versatility of the Milonic Menu. Our extensive DHTML Menu samples are split into four categories; Standard DHTML Menu samples, are our basic and most popular styled DHTML Menu samples. Functionality DHTML Menu samples, show some of the more complex features of the menu including activating functions on mouseover and tooltips. Image Based DHTML Menu samples feature menus which are predominantly made up of images and the Random Style DHTML Menu samples are a collection of styled menus which include various features.

You may find it helpful to skip through all of the available DHTML Menu samples to see which may be suitable for your menu design. All of the examples on our website are available to our users, and downloads include all the necessary files including images.

Each and every one of the DHTML Menu samples on this website has been built using a PHP Script with data from a MySQL Database, this has been made easy due to the menu's fliexible Object Oriented data strucures.

Menu Browser Compatibility
The Milonic JavaScript Menu works perfectly on the following web browsers

Microsoft Internet Explorer for Windows (all versions)
Mozilla for Windows 0.6 to 1.6+
Firefox for Windows (all versions)
Netscape Navigator for Windows 4.03 to 4.8
Netscape Navigator for Windows 6.0 to 7.0+
Opera for Windows 5.0 to 7.0+

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0+ for Apple Mac
Firefox for Apple Macs (all versions)
Mozilla 0.7+ for Apple Mac
Safari 1.0+ for Apple Mac
Netscape Navigator 4.x+ for Apple Mac
Netscape Navigator 6.0+ for Apple Mac

Firefox for Unix/Linux (all versions)
Mozilla 0.7+ for Unix/Linux
Netscape Navigator 4+ on Unix/Linux
Netscape 6+ on Unix/Linux
Konquerer 2.2+ on Unix/Linux

Support is currently in development for the menu on WebTV and Pocket PC's

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