XNA - xna and c# toys
GARLICK module repacker/flaccer

GRUMP method of letterboxing/sidebarring in video games. ALWAYS DO THIS IN YOUR GAMES/SOFTWARES!
quick generation of a bit-reversal lookup table

RegexRenamer 2d - [ regexrenamer2d.zip] (updated 9/28/08)
A handy graphical multiple file renamer based upon regular expressions
Handy for renaming mp3 albums you download into a sane scheme
I recommend artist/YYYY - album/NN - title.mp3
Requires .net

opl.net - [ opl.net-10-oct-04.zip ]
Wraps opl2 and opl3 emulators into simple .net classes
Includes managed c++ 1.1 source code
Includes opl2 emulator fmopl.c by Tatsuyuki Satoh
Includes opl3 emulator ymf262.c by Jarek Burczynski
Each is a heavily modified fork to support multiple instances