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  1. @realnatefreeman 's apartment is the best. Thank you for welcoming all my kiwi friends. And playing Katy Perry.
  2. @megancarpentier oh please. I can talk papal bull with the best of 'em.
  3. Drinking whiskey at Lolita with @moetkacik and @jessgrose and talking about Newt Gingrich's latter-day Catholicism.
  4. Big tournament at the St. Nicholas Chess Club today. Been going on all afternoon.
  5. This is to prove that on this day, 5 March, 2011, I, Jenna Sauers, wore sandals in New York City. And I liked it.
  6. If you aren't listening to WKCR 89.9FM right now, then you are an oaf who deserves whatever the fates can conspire to hurl in your direction
  7. So much to love here. Cotner on Bloomberg on Picasso:
  8. I get a weird thrill watching Abe Sauer take on these Wisconsin creeps.
  9. Things I Googled last night, for reasons now unclear: [Jewish meringue tablet] [khat effects] [Dan Flavin] [Christchurch eastern suburbs]
  10. RT @nzherald: "Very violent, very quickly." A magnitude 4.8 aftershock struck Christchurch: #eqnz
  11. There is some kind of a breakdancing competition happening at Botanica. Interesting.