Endgame Strategies provides strategic, policy-driven advocacy with policymakers and influence centers in the national public policy community.

The firm is prepared to tackle a wide variety of representations, with its deepest competencies falling into five broad categories:

Engaging Republican leadership.  Your organization wants to persuade and influence Republican leadership on an issue that demands their attention, but does not know how best to approach and frame the argument for those members.  Endgame Strategies brings direct experience with the Republican leadership team in both the Senate and House and an understanding of how its legislative and political priorities are shaped.

Managing Holds and Filibusters.  Your organization has an interest in a bill that has proven controversial and you require advocacy before those legislators – often backbench Senate Republicans – who may exercise their prerogatives to delay or obstruct.  Endgame Strategies will give you new ways to manage your interests in a legislative environment that gives great power to individual senators.

Working with Senate or House Judiciary Committees.  Your organization seeks to influence legislation before the Judiciary Committees, including civil justice reform, antitrust, bankruptcy, immigration, patents, trademarks, copyrights, criminal justice, or constitutional matters, and you need a firm with experience with each body.  Endgame Strategies will employ its legal and legislative background with these issues and work closely with policymakers vested in their development.

Communicating Complexity.  Your organization seeks to influence legislation in any area where the policy is especially complex and you need an advocate well-versed in framing difficult arguments for lawmakers.  Endgame Strategies will translate policy complexity into the arguments that policymakers can understand, internalize, and act upon.

Building Creative Coalitions.   Your organization has an issue that should be of interest to the non-profit policy advocacy community and would benefit from those advocates’ engagement.  Endgame Strategies can assist the organization in making those connections and building unique alliances.