Name:Jenny Sjödin
Actual name: Anna Jenny Sjödin
Birth name: Anna Jenny Thunell
Nicknames: I dont really have any
Weight: 68 kg/150 lbs
Height: 173 cm/5.8 ft
Place of Birth: Hudiksvall, Sweden
Wrestling and fighting background: Amateur wrestling, pro wrestling, submission grappling, brazilian jiu-jitzu and MMA
Professional wrestling debut: For SWA in Segovia, Spain on July 7 2007. Intergender match against my former trainer and good friend Phil Boyd
Trained by: NWA Ireland, NWA UK/Hammerlock, Skönsbergs brottningsklubb (SBK), Next Generation Fighting Academy Dublin, Futureshock Wrestling, Straight Blast Gym Manchester
Inspired by: Chigusa Nagayo, Karl Gotch, Bull Nakano, Steve Williams, Kazuchi Sakuraba, Nobuhiko Takada
Current wrestlers that i admire and/or like to watch: "the Dark Angel" Sarah Stock, Cheerleader Melissa and Amazing Kong
Favourite holds and signature moves: German suplex, tiger suplex, armbars and other various shoot style submissions and takedowns
Wrestlers that I’d like to fight: Sarah Stock, Amazing Kong, Chigusa Nagayo
Favourite promotion: AJW All Japan Womens Wrestling
Wrestling Style: British/Irish technical wrestling
Fighting Style: Submission wrestling
Strengths: Flexible, good defense, strong, technical
Finishers: To be honest it varies a lot but it always feels a bit better to win with a cross armbar or tiger suplex
Countries visited professionally: U.S.A., Ireland, Spain, Sweden and England
Carreer goals: To constantly try to improve myself. And of course, to wrestle in Japan has always been and still is a big dream for me