My name is Jenny Sjödin, I am a female professional wrestler from Sweden. I love fighting in many different styles. I have been training professional wrestling over in Ireland since April 2007 but in the beginning of 2009 I moved to Manchester in England, to learn what the British wrestling style is all about. Besides professional wrestling I also train brazilian jiu jitsu, submission grappling and MMA at the Fighting Fit Martial Arts Centre in Manchester.

I would be said to have a stiff, no nonsense wrestling style with a blend of my amateur wrestling background as well as MMA and submission grappling. My favourite type of matches are intense bouts of the Japanese kind mixed with the American old school style and a lot of traditional British mat work.

Contrary to most people involved in wrestling, my interest wasn’t at all born as a kid out of watching the WWE or WCW. Instead I got hooked in my teens when I started watching the old AJW, Japanese womens promotion. It was followed by a growing interest for the promotions UWFi and Pancrase.

Outside wrestling and fighting I am an edtitorial writer and a political columnist for the local paper in my hometown. A few years back I started my studies in Political Science at the university, but I decided to take a break to be able to move abroad and further myself in wrestling and fighting. I am also a former member of the City Council in Sundsvall (for the liberal party). When not working, I like to spend time at the pub/café, lifting weights, eat and to travel and meeting new people.