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Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) for Health [ http://foss-for-health.org ] aims to build a FOSS for eHealth Online Community --- a venue for networking and exchanging ideas and experience on FOSS use, best practices and business models for sustainability aside from providing online support to FOSS adopters and making available FOSS resources.

foss-for-health.org is part of the Open Source and Standards PCTA (PANACeA Common Thematic Activities) that hopes to help create awareness of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) in eHealth, promote its use and build both capacity and support for those starting to adopt it.

PANACeA is the PAN Asian Collaboration for Evidence-based eHealth Adoption and Application (PANACeA)

Zambia Electronic Perinatal Record System

The Zambia Electronic Perinatal Record System (ZEPRS) is being used by clinics and the University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka, Zambia to improve patient care. The University of Alabama Birmingham (UAB) Center for Research in Women's Health (CRWH), RTI, and the Center for Infectious Disease Research in Zambia (CIDRZ) developed ZEPRS with local medical expertise and project engagement from the Lusaka Urban Health District, Central Board of Health and funding support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Major Features and Components


WebEMS is an Open Source web-based suite of tools used to facilitate Emergency Medical Services (EMS). WebEMS is NEMSIS Compliant, and supports the entire Ambulance Services Pipeline. A wide range of commercial hardware, software, and services that support EMS and Ambulance Operations are commercially available. WebEMS offers a free, open source alternative to these systems, providing creative solutions for EMS personnel, crews, administrators, and management.

WebEMS is comprised of the following modules:
Crew Scheduling
Mobile field data collection


It is a rich client multi-platform open-source EMR designed to evolve to a healthcare information system (HIS)

Features common to all modules:
Unlimited number of forms can be created using the Form Editor.
Unlimited number of orders, appointment types, resources, or any other entity can be created using the respective Editor.
Every menu and toolbar can be customized per user, per role, per group using the Form Editor.
Every view, table, form, controls can be customized per user, per role, per group using the Form Editor.

TOLVEN HealthCare

The Tolven platform and ePHR and eCHR applications enable interoperability across electronic health records for consumers and clinicians. Using Java, EJB3, Faces, Facelets, AJAX, relational database, and LDAP for security.


A fully integrated electronic health record system to provide continuity of care.

A clinical management information system at the facility and district (management/admin) level.

A key component in 'one National M&E system'.

A paper discussing the technical overview is here: http://www.globalhivevaluation.org/media/globalaids/doc/Article%203a%20-...


Medical Life Guard (MEDILIG) Cross-platform EHR/EMR software for the design, implementation and use of autonomous, open database models for multilingual clinical data management systems and the rapid application development of health IT products and services.

Features included as listed at its site :
• Fully operational, fully tested on the neurosurgery domain
• Over 1000 sample records to test the system and experiment .
• Implementation of ER schema with Microsoft SQL server
• Implementation of user interface with Access

Mobile Health Pal

Users to manage their complete family health information.

Users to view the profile information that includes Demographics, Notices, Conditions, Medications, Allergies, Procedures, Test Results, Immunizations and Insurance.

Users to explicitly share self and family health profiles to doctors, pharmacists, laboratories, health insurance providers and other
care providers. The shared information would expire after a set
period of time.

Instant Health Information transmission.

Doctors to get instant access to health information of his/her patients

MMF Systems

mmfEMR is a web-based version of OpenEMR for the practicing physician.
E-Prescribing, Billing Claims, Eligibility Verification, E-Remittance, Coding Compliance & Reimbursement Manager


FreeMED is a direct descendent of AMOS, a Pascal/DBase program which was created in 1983 before the widespread use of relational databases and object oriented programming.

FreeMED is currently hosted by the FreeMED Software Foundation, with downloads hosted by Sourceforge.
It uses Subversion as a Concurrent versioning system, which it has used since it was migrated from CVS in 2005.

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