VMS (Virtual Memory System) operating system is available only on VAX, Alpha and Itanium processors, and in spite of its undeniable qualities, its future seems uncertain. FreeVMS project tends to coding an operating system under GPL lincense according to VMS system specifications. This operating system has to run at least on amd64. It is written using C language. Read more »

Mailing list

A mailing list server is available at All request and all questions about FreeVMS have to be send to this mailing list. For example: installation; configuration; feature request; patches... If you have found a bug in FreeVMS, please fill a bug request in bugzilla. To send a mail, you have to subscribe to service. Please not that this server uses antivirus, antispam and (...) Read more »

Git tree

FreeVMS uses a git server. This git server provides a read only access : git clone git :// A git to web access is provided at Write access over ssh is granted to all identified subprojects leaders. If you want to take subproject responsability, please send a mail to mailing (...) Read more »

Qemu disk images

These images are only tested under qemu (qemu-system-amd64). 2010-11-19 FreeVMS 0.4 Read more »


Outdated FreeVMS 0.3.x sources: FreeVMS 0.3.14 FreeVMS 0.3.15 Read more »

Amd 64

Today, development is done on amd64 architecture. IA32 is not supported and there is no plan to port FreeVMS on 32 bits architecture. Read more »

Sparc 64 (sun4u)

Read more »

Sparc 64 (sun4v)

Read more »