Review: The Recused / Episode 07.04

It had to happen and it finally happened. All the interactions Hank and his attorney Abby were pointing towards sex. You knew from the start that something would be going on between them, but it never happened. This was of course never Hank’s fault. Because after countless episodes it has become kind of clear that Hank is always on and up for some sexy time, unless he is too stoned…

Now, in The Recused Hank and Abby have to deal with the morning after. Abby tells Hank that she won’t be his attorney anymore if he still wants to have sex with her, so she introduces him to a new attorney, Lloyd Allen Philips Jr. (played by Alan Dale), who is Abby’s boss and a golf fanatic. To get to know each other, Mr. Philips Jr. invites Hank and Abby to play golf with him.

The ensuing golf court part of the episode includes a few very funny scenes, where Hank is just downright hilarious. He tries everything to piss Mr. Philips Jr. off. And we don’t know if Hank planned it to be this way or if he is just being who is. He urinates on the golf court, smokes and throws the cigarette buds on the court, throws the balls instead of hitting it with the golf club and doesn’t take anything about the game seriously. Finally, Lloyd gets mad and chases him across the golf court wanting to beat him up. And guess what. He works his magic again and gets away with it. What’s more, Abby decides to be his attorney again. Poof!

The funny thing about Hank Moody is that he often makes people mad, but that whoever is mad at him, can’t stay mad at him for a long time, because he is not malicious, he doesn’t have any hidden intentions, he just is who he is. In this respect, he is like a child. Children can get away with anything, because although they might have done something bad, they still meant well, they did not mean to hurt anyone.

Anyway, a few other interesting things happen in this episode. For example, Runkle comes closer to Marcy again after helping her with a presentation at Showtime about the show she and Stu want to produce, which Marcy and Stu were about to loose control of and mess up. I’m pretty sure they will get together again this season. However, I am not sure if Hank and Karen will ever be a couple again. Ben seems to be a pretty smooth guy, maybe too smooth… ;)

See you around,


Interview: Carla Gugina on Californication

There is a new interview on YouTube with Carla Gugina that I want to share with you. In this interview, she talks about Californication and her role as Hank’s attorney Abby Rhoads (who is damn sexy, by the way ;) ). Enjoy!

Carla Gugino is an American actress who is known for her roles of Dr. Alex Friedman in Race to Witch Mountain, Amanda Daniels in Entourage, Lucille in Sin City, Ingrid Cortez in the Spy Kids trilogy, and Rebecca Hutman in Night at the Museum. She was born on August 29, 1971 in Sarasota, Florida. Her father is orthodontist of Italian descent and her mother is of English-Irish descent.

She first appeared in the series Saved by the Bell, Who’s the Boss?, ALF, Doogie Howser, M.D. and The Wonder Years in the late 1980s and early 90s.


Hank Moody’s Porsche

Have you ever wondered what car Hank’s driving? It’s a Porsche 964 Cabriolet, the successor of the 911 Carerra and the predecessor of the Porsche 993.

The Porsche 964 was manufactured between 1989 and 1994 in Stuttgart, Germany. It is 168.3 inches long, its top speed is 163 mph, the engine power is 184 kW and the engine displacement 3600 cc. It was the first generation of 911 to be offered with Porsche’s optional Tiptronic automatic transmission and the first generation to be offered with all wheel drive. It was available as 2-door coupe, 2-door convertible and 2-door targa.

Actually, the number 964 is the internal code name for the car. The vehicle was badged simply as Carrera 2 or Carrera 4. The official name for the model, as printed on the Owner’s Manual, is Porsche 911 Carrera 2 or Porsche 911 Carrera 4. The 964 name is now often used to distinguish this car from other Carrera generations, especially among Porsche enthusiasts.


Interview: Rob Lowe on Californication

This is an interview with Rob Lowe who guest stars on Californication as academy award winning actor Eddie Nero. He talks about the series, his colleagues, and of course his role as Eddie Nero which must definitely be very funny to play. Thanks to Showtime for putting this up on YouTube!

Robert Hepler “Rob” Lowe is an American actor and was born on March 17, 1964. Lowe came to prominence after appearing in films such as The Outsiders, Oxford Blues, About Last Night…, and St. Elmo’s Fire. In television, Lowe is best known for his role as Sam Seaborn on The West Wing and his role as Senator Robert McCallister on Brothers & Sisters. He currently is a main cast member of Parks and Recreation in the role of Chris Traeger.


God Hates Us All

Just went on the Showtime website and found out that they are actually selling Hank’s book God Hates Us All now.

This is the description:

A wry literary masterpiece, God Hates Us All is a coming-of-age tale for the apathetic generation.

Hank Moody’s self-loathing yet darkly likeable narrator is a college drop-out-turned-accidental-drug-dealer enveloped in a world of contradictions. His boss — a bong-hitting, dreadlocked Pontiff figure — runs a remarkably organized and ingenious illegal trade patronized by, among others, a sweater-set-wearing Upper East Sider, a Wall Street hotshot, and a wannabe rock star with a hard-to-resist model girlfriend.

The lonely narrator yearns for more than the tenuous but intimate thread he shares with his clients. To escape his mother’s desperate expectations, his father’s endless disappointments, and his certifiably insane ex-girlfriend, he moves to the city’s mecca of ambitious slackers — the Chelsea Hotel — where the pursuit of lust (and the rock star’s girlfriend) sends him on a series of well-intentioned misadventures that lead him right back where he started.

Told in a unique and subtle voice, God Hates Us All is ironic, optimistic, and unforgettable.

They even got a sample of the first chapter up there. Seems all like a spoof to me, but you can actually buy the book on their website and on Amazon. And there are lots of reviews about it already.

If any of you guys has read the book, post your review up here! ;)

Click here to buy God Hates Us All on Amazon!

Review: Monkey Business / Episode 04.04

There is a reason why I love series and sitcoms. There are ups and downs, there is a lot of drama, people get sick, get injured, die, go to jail, get married. But in the end, everything stays the same.

In season one, Hank suffers from writer’s block, drinks and smokes too much, can’t get along with his girlfriend Karen and his daugther Becca and can’t get his priorities straight. In seasons two and three there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel, but in season four everything’s back to default. He is probably even worse off than in season one, because now his sexual encounter with Mia has become public and he is charged with statutory rape…

However, it often seems Hank is getting back on track. At the end of Home Sweet Home, the third episode of season four, he finally manages to overcome writer’s block and starts working on the screen adaptation for Fucking & Punching. In the next episode, entitled Monkey Business, he hands over the finished script to Runkle who takes him to a meeting with billionaire Zig Samitur who is not only a fan of Hank, but also willing to finance the movie.

However, when Zig extends the meeting to his villa, which looks like a copy of the Palace of Versailles from the inside, everything spins out of control.

In Monkey Business you will not only see what happens when you practice autoerotic asphyxiation by yourself, but also the beautiful boobies of two blonde twin sisters, a Hank who is too stoned to bone them, a dead monkey, and a knocked out cop. Not exactly the things that would help Hank lead a happy and quiet family life…

Californication at its best!

The 5 Things You Did Not Know about Californication

1. The names of Hank Moody’s books (South of Heaven, Seasons in the Abyss, and God Hates Us All) are all names of albums by the metal band Slayer.

2. Californication is a compound of ‘California’ and ‘fornication’. Its origin is bumper stickers in Oregon in the late 1970s and early 1980s that read “Don’t Californicate Oregon”. Red Hot Chili Peppers’ 1999 album Californication sold over 15 million copies, and as of 2009 is their most successful record.

3. David Duchovny didn’t want to work on TV any more, exhausted after his experience on The X-Files. He said he agreed to this show because he liked Hank’s relationship with Becca.

4. Seven advertisers, including Burger King, Finish Dishwashing Liquid, CRC, Cadbury, Flight Center, Ferrit, and the Ministry Of Economic Development all pulled their advertising from the show after the pilot aired in New Zealand.

5. References are made to actors from the TV show “Dawson’s Creek” (1998). Katie Holmes is referenced along with real-life husband Tom Cruise in the movie ‘A Crazy Little Thing Called Love’ based on Hank’s book. James Van Der Beek is referenced on a wedding invitation card that reveals Karen’s last name to be ‘Van Der Beek’. Writers/Executive Producers Tom Kapinos and Gina Fattore both worked on “Dawson’s Creek” (1998).



Haha, Hank Moody likes saying motherfucker a lot. Watch and learn how to say it correctly.

Oh yeeeeeaaaah. And here we go again. Right you are, mothafuckaaaaa!

Season 5 is coming!

Hank Moody, the hedonistic and self-loathing novelist, will return in yet another season of Californication!

Showtime has officially ordered a fifth season of Californication. The announcement was made by Showtime Networks President of Entertainment David Nevins. The production of twelve new episodes of the hit comedy series will start this spring.

The annoucement followed Californication’s fourth season premiere which was the best-ever premiere with more than a million viewers for the night. The fourth season premiere of Californication drew approximately 848,000 viewers up from its previous third season high of 821,000. Californication was able to pull in larger numbers even without Dexter as a lead in.


Californication Soundtrack

Below you will find a list of all the songs of the first two seasons. I found that list on the Californication Wiki and I just had to share it. Enjoy!

Season 1

Episode 1×01 Pilot

* The Rolling Stones, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”
* Quantic Soul Orchestra, “Pushin’ On”
* Ive Mendes, “À Beira Mar”
* Peepin’ Tom, “Mojo”
* My Morning Jacket, “Rocket Man”

Episode 1×02 Hell-A Woman

* Robbers on High Street, “Japanese Girls”
* The Doors, “L.A. Woman” (Paul Oakenfold Re-mix)
* Kenneth James Gibson, “Sarcastically Yours”
* Tommy Stinson, “Light of Day”

Episode 1×03 The ***** of Babylon

* She Died, “I’m Ten Feet Tall”
* Josh Blake, “Pain & My Misery”
* Creosote, “The Ballad of Whiskey and Tears”
* Betty Davis, “Walkin’ Up the Road”
* Dawn Landes, “Toy Piano”

Episode 1×04 Fear and Loathing at the Fundraiser

* CéU, “Lenda”
* Radio Citizen, “El Cielo”
* 8 Bold Souls, “Brown Town”
* Luca Mundaca, “Ha Dias (There Are Days)”
* Arling & Cameron, “Popcorn 2006″
* Mundo Livre, “Meu Esquema”
* Mindy Smith, “Peace of Mind”
* Arco, “Lullaby”

Episode 1×05 LOL

* Marsmobil, “Reversed Mantra”
* Mark McAdam, “While You Wait”
* Harvey Danger, “Little Round Mirrors”
* Bob Dylan, “If You See Her, Say Hello”

Episode 1×06 Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

* Madeleine Martin, “Don’t Let Us Get Sick”
* Gus Black, “Paranoid”
* Sea Wolf, “The Garden That You Planted”
* Pat Guadagno, “Don’t Let Us Get Sick”

Episode 1×07 Girls, Interrupted

* Argyle Johansen, “Sunny Day in Hell”
* Slow Train Soul, “Mississippi Freestylin’”
* Lady Sa, “Sweetless”
* Mexican Institute of Sound, “A Girl Like You”
* Death Cab for Cutie, “Passenger Seat”

Episode 1×08 California Son

* Warren Zevon, “Mohammed’s Radio”
* Bonobo feat. Bajka, “Between the Lines”
* Perry Keyes, “In Ancient Rome”

Episode 1×09 Filthy Lucre

* Madeleine Martin, “Surrender”
* The Heavy, “That Kind of Man”
* The Black Angels, “Black Grease”
* Foo Fighters, “The Pretender”

Episode 1×10 The Devil’s Threesome

* Lodger, “Bad Place to Earn a Living”
* The Brian Jonestown Massacre, “13″
* Airwaves, “Psycho”
* The Purrs, “Loose Talk”
* Eulogies, “One Man”
* Champion, “Keep On”
* Chaka Khan, “Castles Made of Sand” (during Ending Credits) (this is defenetly wrong, its a version of little wing, steve ray i guess)

Episode 1×11 Turn the Page

* Lodger, “Butterfly Blues”
* Joe Strummer, “Coma Girl”

Episode 1×12 The Last Waltz

* Steve Earle & Reckless Kelly, “Reconsider Me”
* Madeleine Martin, “Only Woman Bleed”
* Elton John, “High Flying Bird”
* Tommy Stinson and Friends for Done to Death, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”

Season 2

Episode 2×01 Slip of the Tongue

* The Mamas and the Papas, “California Dreamin’”
* Slayer, “Raining Blood”
* Shake Some Action, “What You Want Me to Do”
* My Heat, “Prima Donna”
* Echo Pilot, “Go Low Step Low”
* Rob Zombie, “(Go to) California”
* Clinic, “If You Could Read Your Mind”
* Warren Zevon, “My ****’s ****** Up”

Episode 2×02 The Great Ashby

* Mega Jive, “Dirty Thang”
* Kid Rock, “So Hott”
* Univited Guests, “Beautiful”
* Tom Petty, “Wake Up Time”

Episode 2×03 No Way to Treat a Lady

* Johnny Whitehorse, “Native Call”
* Maylene & The Sons of Disaster – “The Day Hell Broke Loose at Sicard Hollow”

Episode 2×04 The Raw & The Cooked

* Lynyrd Skynryd, “Freebird”
* Lady Sa, “The Apple”
* Lions, “Heavy Metal Lady”

Episode 2×05 Vaginatown

* Haig, “Mind Over Matter”
* Panther, “On the Lam”
* Neil Nathan, “Do Ya”

Episode 2×06 Coke Dick & First Kick

* Black Mustang, “Little Box”
* Sophia, “If a Change Is Gonna Come”
* Poets & Pornstars, “Rock and Roll”
* Brent Amaker and the Rodeo, “You Call Me the Devil”
* Rie Sinclair, “Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters”
* Mexican Institute of Sound, “Que Rico”
* The Basics, “Have Love Will Travel”

Episode 2×07 In a Lonely Place

* Kid Koala, “Skanky Panky”
* Harold Budd, “Through the Hill”
* Jain Rock, “Baikonour”
* The Clash, “Janie Jones”

Episode 2×08 Going Down and Out in Beverly Hills

* Black Mountain, “Stay Free”
* The Jackson Analogue, “Day Is Done”
* Black Mustang, “The One”
* Alberta Cross, “Low Man”
* Madeline Zima, “Your Face Is That Place”

Episode 2×09 La Ronde

* Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, “Moonland”
* Lili Haydn, “Saddest Sunset”
* The Pones, “Back to the City”
* Cash Hollywood, “(I’ve Had the) Time of My Life”
* Shake Some Action, “I Can See Where This Is Going Now”
* Mark Kozelek, “Metropol”

Episode 2×10 In Utero

* Nirvana, “Heart Shaped Box”
* Black Mountain, “Wucan”
* Joseph Arthur, “I Wanna Get You Alone”
* Soho Dolls, “Bang Bang Bang Bang”
* Pearl Jam, “Nothingman”

Episode 2×11 Blues from Laurel Canyon

* The Stereotypes, “New Situation”
* Medieval Knievel, “Smells Like California”
* Vibrolux, “Spreading Your Love”
* Darker My Love, “Talking Words”
* Poets & Pornstars, “Get Your Kicks”
* Sheryl Crow, “Behind Blue Eyes”

Episode 2×12 La Petite Mort

* Warren Zevon, “Keep Me in Your Heart”
* The Animals, “It’s My Life”
* Andy McCutcheon, “Rewind”
* Extreme Music, “Raj Mirage”
* Sun Kil Moon, “Lost Verses”
* Sky Parol, “High on Desire”
* Jorge Calderon, “Keep Me in Your Heart”
* Shaw Blades, “California Dreamin’”


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