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Kapunda Road Royal Commission

Report of the Kapunda Road Royal Commission


2005 date Time Proposed Witness Transcript
12th May 10:00am    (PDF 230KB)
18th May 10:00am T & J Zisimou (PDF 180KB)
19th May 10:00am Mr Athanosopoulos (PDF 305KB)
  10:30am Mrs Woods  
  11:30am Mr Akritidis  
  12:30pm Ms Brownrigg  
  2:00pm Mr & Mrs Felice  
20th May 10:00am Professor McFarlane (PDF 500KB)
  10:30am T & J Zisimou  
24th May 02:00pm T & J Zisimou cont. (PDF 360KB)
25th May 09:00am John Zisimou (PDF 750KB)
    Tom Keane  
    Heather DuRieu  
    Chris Zisimou  
  02:00pm Tony Zisimou  
    Sergeant Hassell  
26th May 10:00am Sergeant Hassell cont. (PDF 570KB)
27th May 10:00am Sergeant Hassell cont. (PDF 590KB)
    Senior Constable Bell  
30th May 04:00pm Dr. Goldney (PDF 170KB)
31st May 02:00pm Sergeant Hassell (PDF 355KB)
1st June 10:00am Peter Barnett (PDF 620KB)
    Teresa Anderson  
2nd June 10:00am Teresa Anderson cont. (PDF 586KB)
3rd June 10:00am Senior Constable Darlington (PDF 520KB)
    Ms Rice  
    Senior Constable Vidler  
6th June 03:00pm Legal argument (PDF 226KB)
7th June 03:00pm View of accident site  
8th June 10:00am Senior Constable Bell (PDF 528KB)
    Barbara McGee  
    Craig McGee  
9th June 10:00am Eugene McGee (PDF 600KB)
    David Edwardson  
10th June 10:00am David Edwardson cont. (PDF 591KB)
    Constable Boyland  
    Senior Constable Kearney  
  02:00pm Matthew Selley  
14th June 10:00am Matthew Selley cont. (PDF 481KB)
    Paul Rofe QC  
    Sergeant Hall  
    Senior Constable Peck  
15th June 10:00am Mr Fischer (PDF 564KB)
    Mr Daniels  
    Wendy Abrahams QC  
    Inspector Carter  
16th June 10:00am Mr Pallaras DPP (PDF 416KB)
    Dr Flock  
17th June 09:00am Prof. Tennant (PDF 247KB)
21st June 10:00am Mr Craig McGee (PDF 517KB)
  2:00pm Inspector Carter  
22nd June 10:00am Inspector Carter (cont.) (PDF 541KB)
23rd June 10:00am Inspector Carter (cont.) (PDF 776KB)
    Sergeant Hassell  
    Sergeant Mills  
28th June   Final submissions (PDF 618KB)
29th June   Final submissions cont. (PDF 327KB)
30th June   Final submissions cont. (PDF 556KB)
1st July   Final submissions cont. (PDF 200KB)

McGee case transcripts

  1. Part one (PDF 180KB)
  2. Part two (PDF 340KB)
  3. Part three (PDF 365KB)
  4. Part four (PDF 355KB)
  5. Part five (PDF 395KB)
  6. Part six (PDF 220KB)
  7. Part seven (PDF 370KB)
  8. Part eight (PDF 150KB)
  9. Part nine (PDF 370KB)
  10. Part ten (PDF 160KB)

Press releases

The Royal Commission is an exempt agency under paragraph (e) Schedule 2 of the Freedom of Information Act 1991.