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C'mon in and learn all about banking at KidsBank.comô! Have some fun in this learning website. We hope to help you and your children explore some of the fundamentals of banking. We explain some of the basics of banking services and hope that your children can use KidsBank.comô to learn a little more about how savings, interest, checking and other banking things work.

Start with Penny
Hi, I'm Penny! Be sure to start your tour through KidsBank.comô with me. I'll tell you all about money. Where it came from, how I'm on me first!

Dollar Bill
Hi, I'm Dollar Bill! Come along with me and we'll learn all about saving your money and why your bank is the very best place to do it. Click on me and learn all about saving!

Interest Ray
I'm Interest Ray, the KidsBank.comô expert on interest. Come along with me and we'll learn all about interest, the "little bit extra" at the bank!

I'm Checks, the happy KidsBank.comô puppy! Everybody has a checking account so that they can write checks to buy things! I'll show you how checking accounts work!

Mr. EFT here! Together we'll learn about how money can move around like magic, all over the world...I'm electronic funds transfer!

Look for the Professor!
You'll find me lurking all around KidsBank.comô! I'm the Professor and whenever you see me, click on me. I'll take you to more information about the page where you found me. Click on me for more detailed learning about each subject area!


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