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My name is Behtaj Amiri. I created WeFree.Us (blog: to "Significantly improve the world". I'm a professional analyst using the data commonly available regarding how we humans have been performing. I've discovered wide open pockets of potential improvement to be had should we just wake up and see how seriously our ambivalence has been and continues to damage us. I'm sharing the results of my work on the Internet in hope to wake the world up and get the masses involved. I'm hopeful that one day the points I'm making as a "layman" will land on the thoughts of the experts who come and help in one of the 3 issues I'm targeting..

#1.Marriage, #2.Income, #3.Education). I believe these are the 3 most important things in the human agenda when it comes to damage control and significant potential for serious improvement of human kind.

Please visit my site and read my other posts in this blog. If you agree, help me spread the word. I need your help.

Example: Problem #2 - "How we make money is by taking advantage of each other"

We used to hunt to put food on the table, today we work (mostly as employees). How the income is partitioned between the employee and employer has been mathematically and ethically wrong. Now as I try to bring the attention of the world to this problem via WeFree.Us, I've discovered that the job market is becoming instinct anyway.

Just as we stopped putting food on the table by hunting, the time has come for us to stop "depending" on a job to put food on the table. Technology has invaded our Economic Eco-space and the jobs that have gone away will NEVER come back no more than hunting for food. As the number of people who need income increases, the number of jobs available will go down even more drastically than ever before, as technology streamlines and less workers are needed to do the same jobs.

We must change our mind set from "having a job to create income" to "using technology to create income". The sooner we understand that, the lesser of the damaging effects of technology we will feel, and instead more of its benefits. See an example of one of my solutions at .

Our schools, places of worship and other non-profits are organizations who must not fall. They represent help for all of us. If we allow them to go away we will all suffer, and re-starting them will be very costly. During these economically bad times, fund raisers no longer get the help of those who traditionally volunteered for them. Most people are too busy trying to survive themselves.  I created to help both the charitable organizations as well as helpiing the volunteers get substantial income.

This mission originally consisted of over 1000 domains. To lighten my financial load, I let go of about 300 last year. I'm trying to sell my art in order to raise funds for my mission.  Have I made any money?  No.  I've been spending my time and money to put all this together.  Imagine if you created the stock market, would you make money alone?  This is not the stock market, but I think it's better.  I think what I've created (with the help of G-D, will be recognized as an investment vehicle better than Real Estate.  Today everyone knows about Real Estate, will you wait till everyone knows about my system IQMLM?, or will you come help me help you make money the new way together?  IQMLM corrects the problems with MLM.  IQMLM erases the black eye MLM has very deservingly gotten due to all the uncontrolled greed of those those who know how to swing the bat better, the MLM leaders who talk about teamwork at the seminar convincing people to join, only to take advantage of them after.  I'm in that leadership, but I refuse to play the game that way because "We don't meed to make money by taking advantage of each other"  I'm not here just to make money, My mission is to heal humanity, and the 2nd of the 3 most important issues I've identified that's wrong with our world is "We make money by taking advantage of others".  With logic I can show why this act alone represents more sin in one year than all the other sins put together in human history.  Including all the murders and rapes put together.  I say this without taking away anything from how terrible, tragic, harmful and ugly rape and murder are.

HIS elite servant,
Behtaj Baruch Amiri

Founder: www.WeFree.Us
Cell (424)222-3331
(I'm receiving spam calls. Please text me your full name, eMail & phone, and I will call you back)

"It's easy to improve.  It's hard not to"

The We Free Us mission is the most important thing in my life.  More important than my life, even the lives of people I love dearly.  I don't have a choice but to feel this way because I've discovered how to "Significantly Improve the World" (G-D willing).  It's as certain for me as 2+2=4.  My life has been devastated as a result, but nothing will stop me.  Please help by sharing this mission with everyone in your email contact list, FaceBook and other contacts by sending them the above list of domains.


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