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wfw namespace elements

The wfw namespace, contains multiple elements. As more are added in various places I will endeavor to keep the list here updated.

The first element to appear in this namespace is comment. This element appears in RSS feeds and contains the URI that comment entries are to be POSTed to. The details of this are outlined in the CommentAPI Specification.
The second element to appear in the wfw namespace is commentRss. This element also appears in RSS feeds and contains the URI of the RSS feed for comments on that Item. This is documented in Chris Sells' Specification. Note that for quite a while this page has had a typo and erroneously referred to this element as 'commentRSS' as opposed to the correct 'commentRss'. Feed consumers should be aware that they may run into both spellings in the wild. Please see this page for more information.

2003-10-10 13:11 Comments (1)

This is great! I’ve been waiting for something to stick. Looks like people are going to use the commentRSS element.

Posted by Randy Charles Morin on 2003-10-25 09:38