The Black Widow Paddle

Introducing a new paddle kit from W5JH Radio Products. This paddle is of all brass construction with a 3 inch x 3 inch base. It uses computer controlled machined parts for excellent fit and accuracy. The paddle has both spring and magnetic return force. The paddle arms ride on precision ball bearings for an extremely smooth feel. The contacts are Silver Plated for low resistance. Each arm has a Silver Plated wire ground to prevent intermittents. Almost everything is adjustable including bearing tension, contact spacing, and magnetic return force. Thumb screws lock everything down once you set the paddle the way you like it. Knurled nuts are provided to connect your cable to the paddle. Soft plastic feet keep the 1 lb 7 oz paddle from sliding around your table.

Brass Paddle

Paddle shown with optional finger pieces.

NEW! Custom Finger Pieces

Black Widow Paddle Picture 1

Black Widow Paddle Picture 2

Black Widow Paddle Picture 3

Paddle Parts (what you get)

Paddle Building Instructions (BIG FILE - 4 megs or so)

Paddle Finishing Instructions

NEW! Spider Gallery

See what our customers are saying

"'s the best paddle I have ever used under $500." Mike Baker, K7DD

"The excellent." Eric Ward, N0HHS

"...the Black Widow wins by a landslide!" Bob Reisenweber, W3BBO

"...the best low cost paddle I have ever touched." Ulrich Steinberg, DJ8DO/N2DE

"I highly recommend this paddle..." Chuck Adams, K7QO


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NOTE: When an order is placed through PayPal, a confirmation email is immediately sent by PayPal. We also receive this same email, so please rest assured that we have logged your order. No other order confirmation will be issued unless we cannot ship immediately. If that is the case, then we will inform you as to when shipment is expected. Normally your kit will be shipped in 1-2 days after our receiving the order. We ship using US Priority mail. Typical delivery is within 2-3 days after shipping.

US Orders

US ORDERS: $66.95 USD includes US Priority Shipping

Canada and Mexico Orders

Orders from Canada and Mexico require an additional $5 per paddle to cover the extra shipping cost.

Canada/Mexico ORDERS: $71.95 USD includes Global Priority Shipping (3-5 days)

DX Orders

Orders from Countries other than the USA, Canada, and Mexico require an additional $7 per paddle to cover the extra shipping cost. Recent changes in the US mail code allows Orders to be sent to most countries of the world.

DX ORDERS: $73.95 USD includes Global Priority Shipping (4-6 days)

To order by mail: $57.95 + $7 US shipping, $12 Canada/Mexico shipping, $14 DX shipping

Texas Residents please add $3.91 tax. DX orders please inquire

Send money order or check to Jerry Haigwood at:

Jerry Haigwood - W5JH
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As always, we thank you for your support.

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