Alice In Chains To Begin Work On New Album

terrybezer / News / 21/03/2011 15:06pm

After pulling off one of the greatest comebacks in recent years with their ass-kicking ‘Black Gives Way To Blue’, Alice In Chains are set to begin work on a new album.

After a couple of months away from the public eye, Seattle hard rock legends Alice In Chains are to begin working on a new album at the tail end of 2011. This was confirmed in a recent interview with the band’s management.

How’s that for some bad ass news on a Monday afternoon?!



So this is newsworthy but apparantly Mike Starr’s death isn’t?!


Goods news for AIC…they still have a career. Well, sad about Mike, but I saw it coming…

Well said tutty. Pretty pissed off with hammer for not
making any mention of Mike Starr. RIP

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