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» Расширение Amazon Web Services:Elastic Block Store from Joktar's nest
Теперь у амазоновских EC2-машин появилась возможность иметь таки постоянный диск (оно конечно и раньше можно было через S3 ElasticDrive но данный подход ряд недостатков имел-в частности цену ElasticDrive и цену запросов S3). Теперь в наличии - Elastic ... [Read More]


Mirko Froehlich

Great news! I've been very excited about trying out EBS. Among other things, this should significantly simplify running MySQL and other databases on EC2.


Wow at last....

John Nousis

These are really great news:)


This is terrific, now for some info on using it with the opensolaris beta AMIs!

Pete Jalajas

Awesome! The folks at Amazon are amazing! Thank you for all your hard work!


David | ServerDploy

Kudos to the AWS team for launching EBS! This opens the door to lots of exciting new solutions around EC2.


As I said - awesome thing, now please, add some more EC2 datancenters to Europe (preferable Russia -:) but even for example Germany would be good). To reduce delays and provide additional redudancy....

Dushyant Sharma

great job.. now we can have dual backup of our data.


Cool! :)


Andy Hepelle

This totally ROCKs, It will be fun to look back 10 years from now and remember when Cloud computing became the industry standard. As a long time personal fan of Amazon, It's great to see the strides being made for the greater good of the industry, the economy and the users. Collaboration for Success,
Andy H

Jayme Dunlop

Are there any plans to adjust EC2's pricing given the introduction of the EBS?

It seems like the mid range server instances no longer requires close to a 1T of space, given that most data files will now be hosted on EBS.

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