Mar 22 2011 09:13 PM ET

Post-'Good Morning America' blow-up, Chris Brown debuts video for 'Beautiful People': Watch here

It’s been a busy day for Chris Brown: The R&B/pop star began the day by doing an interview with Robin Roberts on ABC’s Good Morning America, where he awkwardly tried to avoid questions about his past incident with ex-girlfriend Rihanna.

Then, according to reports, a furious Brown broke a window in his dressing room at GMA and stormed out of the studio into the streets of New York City—shirtless. And as the latest episode in Brown’s busy day, he’s debuted a video for “Beautiful People,” the third single from his latest album, F.A.M.E.

The video for “Beautiful People” is certainly a departure from Brown’s trademark glossy clips, like the dance-infused one for his recent hit “Yeah 3x.”

This one celebrates all sorts of people in a way that seems to scream: “Everyone is beautiful!” A nice concept. It’s shot very casually, almost flip camera- or home video-style in certain parts, and features cameos from the likes of Omarion, Brandy, Timbaland, and lots more. Watch here:

Verdict? Do you like? Hate? Lemme know below.

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  • MsM

    Sick of him! I don’t care if he is a celebrity or an artist or talented — if I knew someone personally who acted this way, I’d write them off too. It’s sad that people are excusing his childish and out of control behavior simply bc of his “talent.” Celebrities keep going wild because
    society OKs their behavior and welcomes them back with open arms! Hilarious how he tweeted his anger management completion certificate, yet does this the minute he’s back in the spotlight. Actions speak louder than twitpics!

    • rhonni09

      It was about His new album, there was no need to bring up the past. His talent focus on that. everyone is quick to judge its the music that brings people together. i do not think anyone is perfect. True fan all the way!!

      • Hi

        There are millions of “regular” people still answering for their past…why should he be different? If anything, he should be WILLING to confront it. He had a perfect opportunity to prove he had grown up and had a chance to face the question straigt forward. Rihanna certainly hasn’t “moved on”…she’ll feel effects of his abuse her entire life. It’s wrong for him to think he has a right to never discuss it again.

        Again, he had a chance to prove he had grown up. He had a perfect opportunity to gain new fans and istead threw a temper tantrum like the little boy he is!

      • whuzz

        No need to bring up the past… That’d be like having Hitler on a show to only talk about his paintings.

      • p;kawg

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        ——–I love how he wants to everyone to forget…you beat the living crap out of your girlfriend. He was a ‘normal’ person & not a celebrity, he’d be in jail. It’s sending the wrong message to kids.

      • Leslie

        I love him and was amazing

  • Drew

    He’s a celebrity. When he beats up his girlfriend- his well liked super famous girlfriend- he is always going to be asked about it! I don’t understand how that is shocking to him.

    • dee

      So true! When I was younger Sean Penn and Madonna couldn’t do interviews without being asked about the volatility/violence in their relationship.

  • Anthony

    Very cool video. And the album is undeniably amazing!

    • jujubeans

      Don’t really like the guy, but damn this is a great song.

  • Allison

    I love how he wants to everyone to forget…you beat the living crap out of your girlfriend. He was a ‘normal’ person & not a celebrity, he’d be in jail. It’s sending the wrong message to kids.

    • radiostinks

      too true, that is the the point no one wants to make. needs jail time and major head doctor. can see he is still a man-CHILD

    • Lonny

      For a first time offense at 19? He wouldn’t be in jail OR have received as much probation as he did honestly speaking.I think it’s naivete to think his “star power’ helped him. Her ‘star power’ hurt him.

  • Linda

    why do you always bring the negative out when the artist is trying their best to move on especially if its a person of color or not what you consider the “norm” i stop watching you a while ago because you are so self-serving. i think if it had been me i would have broken more than a window. trying to justify by saying “o we asked or told them we were going to ask these type of question” just doesn’t fly. it should never have been asked in the first place. i feel artist of color should boycott your show altogether.

    • james

      I agree!!!! Everyone with these negitive comment act like there “ANGLES”. Everyone has there flaws and more than other mis man goes though alot of pressure everyday and the world act like hes God!!!!! People need to wake up and them themsleves in their shoes

      • hc

        Sweet Jesus. ANGELS. THEIR. HE’S. Come on! To your point though, why does Brown deserve a second chance. Let me dispel this myth for you – if I choose to give him a second chance, that’s my choice to make just as it’s yours to forgive him (as you obviously have). Brown went on GMA to promote his album – they’re not an extension of his public relations team, they’re not under any obligation to ask only the questions he wants asked, so what does he expect. And if he really wants to get past this whole thing, DON’T NAME THE ALBUM “FORGIVING ALL MY ENEMIES” – stupid!

  • amber

    i like this video. i’ve pretty much given up on chris brown the man. it seems like he doesn’t want to redeem himself almost. but chris brown the musician is at the peek of his game to me so i’ll keep listening.

  • Aaron

    Yes, the guy’s guilty of what he had done, and he had admitted it. Give him a break. We all make mistakes before, one way or another. Everybody deserves a second chance.

    • dee

      Being on GMA WAS his second chance! And look what he did.

  • jerome Bennett

    The man was there for his new CD! Not for the past!!! Robin was wrong and she kept going in on chris! Wrong robin just wrong!

  • Cornell Williams

    Maybe You should stop dwelling on things that happened 2 years ago. Stop being obsessed with something that has nothing to do with you and listen to his great music. CB great album dude TEAM BREEZY all the way

  • mcarini

    I think Roberts should have focused on the present. I was ticked off when she kept pushing him. It was old news….two years old. Move on people.

    He was obviously upset about it, and did a pretty good job of containing his anger….but I feel he had a right to be upset. Still needs some help with Anger management I see. But Roberts didn’t need to go there. I think it affected his performance as well, on that tiny, narrow stage. Thats my view, anyway.

  • Hillary101

    Robin was really trying to give him a chance to shine & humble himself. He could have been gracious & well spoken about how he was feeling while making it clear this is my answer but that enough questions for today. She was not asking disrespectful questions…in fact you could tell she was TRYING to lead him into a way of giving answers that sounded less selfish,(she said “come on now” several times) but all he cared about was HIS life & how awesome he’s doing. Bummer he didn’t learn one thing from all that he did. I believe in 2nd chances…but you have to deserve one…it’s not just a given. At this point has he really done that?

    • MJacob

      I was all for Chris Brown’s shot at redemption and still feel he got a bum rap, all rational facts considered. However, there is nothing irrational or hysterical about your point of view. It is much appreciated.

    • Pea Charlms

      I really think people should leave Chris along. Invite him to perform and leave it at that. He should stipulate before going on a show that he will perform but will not respond to questions about his past. News people or so called TV host try to force people to give up info or talk about things they are not comfortable discussing. Leave Chris alone, and anyone else for that matter who’s actions are two years or more in the past. Chris does need to learn how to respond without responding when people try to get him to talk about things he does not want to discuss.

      • nezzo

        “leave Chris ALONG?” shouldn’t that mean not inviting him on the show altogether? I’m all for that!


    I heard he got arrested today.

  • Ms. Mm

    Story sucks u r just trying to draw our attention away from crackhead Charlie. 2 years have passed and debt to society has been repaid. Why is it that if u r black u repay forever!!! Robin looks like a man -Arsenio hall perhaps! Wish he threw chair she was sitting in. Rofl. Love u Chris and hate u gma!!!!!!

  • StanStill

    If Chris was you or me…he’d be in jail now…no doubt about it. (And he should be.) We saw the real CB today….again!

  • unknown

    I am a true fan of Chris Brown and I truly believe that an action brings on a reaction. as a human being I can say that it is very annoying for someone to try to get answers out of me about a subject that i really dont want to discuss. Chris is young and was also brought up in a home of abuse and people need to realize that he is trying to get himself together and move on with his life, Rihanna has forgiven him so why the hell do everybody else care. Would you sit drugs in front of a recovering addict, hope not, so why the hell provoke someone into such madness. we the public have no idea what really went on with Chris and Rihanna, neither has publicly told the story, so we have no idea what she could have said or done to turn their situation bad. Whatever the case may be it was 2 years ago, she has moved on to other things, last i heard dating women was one of them, but i dont see the media all on her back. The fight they had made her albums skyrocket because of people feeling sorry for her, not knowing what had provoked their argument. 2 wrongs dont make a right so im not justifying what chris did but its old and he is moving one and trying to get his new album up. Leave him alone, its only so much any human being can take!!!!!!!!!!

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