Paper bags are not better for the environment than plastic bags. Plastic bags take up 1/7 the space in landfills, and consume less renewable and non-renewable resources during its life cycle.

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the myth

Plastic bags are the #1 threat to ocean wildlife.


Discarded fishing line is the single-most dangerous debris item and is responsible for the majority of all entanglements.

Know thw Facts

Did you know that the plastic bag manufacturing and recycling industries directly employ between 8,000 and 15,000 people in the United States?  Of those 2,300+ direct jobs are in California in some of the areas with the greatest unemployment. 


Did you also know that it is estimated to indirectly employ between 15,000 and 30,000 people?


Banning bags may not hurt you, but it would impact more than 30,000 families!

The media is littered with false facts about plastic bags.

Do you have your facts straight? From claims that plastic bags are toxic to claims that they are the largest threat to endangered species...

The myths presented here come from:

  • Poorly researched articles 
  • Printed opinions are presented as facts
  • Outdated statistics
  • Out of context quotes

Regrettably the quotes presented here are too often parroted by so many newspapers and websites without original citations that many of us have come to accept them as fact.  This new internet phenomenon that relies on the proliferation of a theory or undocumented fact to support its own conclusion is known as "circular reporting" and may bode for many things to come on the information highway. Learn more >>


Ask your store to support recycling by:

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