The Truth About our Beef

Get the full story about our seasoned beef, where it comes from, and how its prepared.

  • What are Taco Bell®'s food safety standards?

    We take food safety very seriously at Taco Bell®, and are firmly committed to providing the highest level of food safety to our customers, from farm to table. We adhere to strict food safety and handling procedures, and provide intensive training programs for our employees that certify them on health and safety guidelines. We require strict and regular hand-washing with an anti-bacterial soap and hand sanitizing gel. We proactively work with government health officials and our suppliers to continuously improve guidelines and procedures to safeguard the produce supply chain.

  • What ingredients are in your menu items?

    Taco Bell® uses only high quality ingredients.

    • Marinated carne asada steak: select grade, tender, grilled to perfection.
    • Marinated all-white-meat chicken.
    • Diced, fresh, vine-ripened tomatoes.
    • Guacamole made from authentic Mexican-grown avocados.
    • Fiesta salsa freshly prepared every day.
    • Nacho chips freshly fried throughout the day.
  • What about your taco meat? What kind of beef do you use?

    Our taco meat is made from USDA-inspected beef and is subjected to quality check points. It tastes great because it's simmered in 12 authentic seasonings and spices and is never frozen.

  • Are any of the items on your menu premade?

    No. Our food is layered, loaded, grilled, melted, and topped fresh for you, right when you order it. This means two things. First, you get your food prepared exactly how you want it. And second, it always tastes fresh.

  • I have food intolerances. What menu items can meet my needs?

    None of the Taco Bell® menu items contain the following potential allergens:
    Sulfites or Sulfiting agents, Nuts or nut extracts (especially peanuts), Undeclared fish, shellfish or seafood, Yellow #5, Lard.

    Many of our recipes include wheat and are not suitable for gluten-restricted diets. For product-specific information about gluten and other allergens, please visit our Food Allergens & Sensitivities page. Or, refer to our detailed Ingredient Statement.

  • Are there any items on your menu that are prepared without meat?

    Several Taco Bell® items do not include meat as an ingredient. Popular ones include the classic Bean Burrito, 1/2 lb. Cheesy Bean & Rice Burrito, 7-Layer Burrito, and Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes side item (the last two feature sour cream, which contains a very small amount of gelatin which is naturally animal-based). Of course you can also request that any item on the menu be prepared without meat or sour cream. The enzymes used in the production of our cheese, tortillas, and flatbread are not from an animal source.

  • Where can I find the nutritional content of your menu items?

    Nutritional information for all of our great tasting items can be viewed from our Nutrition Calculator.

  • Does Taco Bell® offer any lower-fat options?

    The basic ingredients in Taco Bell®'s Mexican-inspired food are wholesome, with protein-rich beans, enriched rice, crisp lettuce, and fresh tomatoes. Most items on our menu can be ordered as a lower-fat alternative by specifying you would like it prepared "Fresco Style." This means that sauce and cheese are substituted with fiesta salsa, a freshly prepared blend of tomatoes, diced white onions, and cilantro. Learn more about this option.

  • Are Taco Bell's beans fried?

    No! Our beans are not fried at all! And best of all they don't contain any lard. So all in all, they're delicious and more nutritious than you may have thought!

  • Other than Taco Bell® where can I buy Mountain Dew Baja Blast®?

    Mountain Dew BAJA BLAST® is only available at Taco Bell® (participating locations) because it was made specially to go with our great tasting food.

  • What are your typical hours of operation?

    Taco Bell® restaurant hours vary by location. However, most of our restaurants are open by 11:00 am and stay open until 1 a.m. or later.

  • How can I be assured your chicken is avian-flu free?

    Experts agree that properly cooked chicken is perfectly safe to eat and free of the avian flu. Taco Bell® has a number of safeguards in place from the farm to the restaurant to assure that our chicken is perfectly safe to eat and free of the avian flu.

    • All of the chicken is grown "under cover" so there's no chance of cross-contamination from a migratory bird possibly containing the virus.
    • All of our suppliers have strict programs in place to prevent contamination with avian flu.
    • We require all suppliers to test all flocks and certify in writing that the flocks are free of H5N1 (avian flu).
    • During processing, all chicken is inspected by the USDA, and processed under strict temperature controls to eliminate disease causing bacteria or viruses during all handling and transportation.
    • Our final safeguard is the most important – our chicken is cooked above 165 degrees which experts agree, ensures that it is free from bird flu virus.
    • Taco Bell® routinely trains our employees on proper hand washing, food handling and preparation so our customers can have confidence that our chicken is perfectly safe to eat, and free of the bird flu.
  • I heard a rumor that there’s sand in your taco meat?

    This is completely false. The truth is that what has been referred to as "sand" is in fact silicon dioxide. Silicon dioxide:

    • is a safe, common food ingredient often used in spices, seasonings, and many restaurant and packaged foods;
    • is primarily used in food to prevent ingredients from sticking together;
    • Is a naturally occurring mineral, often found in water, leafy green and root vegetables, cooked dried beans, whole grains, cereals, and fruits;
    • Can be found in many kitchen pantries across America, often in mashed potato and rice mixes, coffee, soups, and many spices and seasonings;
    • Is approved for use in food by the Food and Drug Administration here;

    Like many in the food business, we use silicon dioxide in the seasonings and spices for our taco meat. When cooked, our beef contains about .0005% (that is, five ten-thousands of one percent) of this ingredient, far less than the FDA limit of 2%. Furthermore, we use certified organic silicon dioxide. It is not artificial and is not a preservative.

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