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April fools? Thanks nature….

Spring Racing Season; Three or more reasons why it matters to you!

Disclaimer: I have not ridden by bicycle other than just around the block with my son since the fall. This commentary is strictly my opinion, and I welcome your thoughts.

Spring is here, well not really, curse that rodent named Phil. YOU GOT IT WRONG!

With snow in the forecast overnight, that nagging question creeps into our mind….Why does the Spring Racing Season Matter to Me?

Cycling is addictive, its like a toy a child can’t put down, we can’t get enough of it, we dream it eat it, and play with it every opportunity we get. After a long winter of suffering and training in the cold, wind and snow we are now ready to venture out and test our fitness, size up the competition.

We could just go our for a nice group ride, or a hammerfest training ride, by no that is not enough. So why do we pay the $35 entry fee, fill up or car, and abandon any other priorities to go race our bikes…in the eairly spring?

Here are just a few ideas?We just got our new costumes, and want to show them off to the world…

We are bored of beating up on and riding with our buddies and local cycling cres, and want dish the pain out on some unseasond racer whom you hope has less fitness than you…..

After a long cold winter you just need to get away from your wife, partner, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband etc…..

You migh get your picture taken, this will provide evidence to your co-workers, family, and friends that it is all worth it, the times away, the eating habbits, the obsession with weight……

You got a new bicycle and need to justify the $5000 you spent on it…..

You enjoy the double yellow line rule and riding around in a group that goes nowhere but in circles…..

You don’t care that it might be cold, windy and rainny…you are HARD if you do this…..

Hipsters don’t think its cool…your not a hipster

What other reasons might there be?  Comment and I will add them….

Support our local CMN

Working in Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital……I wanted to pass this along to my readers.
Re/Max and The Clinton Team are very excited to help support our local Children’s Miracle Network. We would love to see our friends, family, and past clients help show their support as well by becoming a fan on The Clinton Team Facebook Page.We will make a 25 cent donation to Children’s Miracle Network for every fan we gain during the month of April. We would love to reach our goal of 2,000 fans during the month of April. This can only be done with your help and support! In addition to our Facebook Page Fan Drive donation we will be making a donation from every transaction on behalf of our client to Children’s Miracle Network. We will donate $25.00 for transaction up to $100,000, from $100,001 to $150,000 we will donate $50.00, from $150,001 to $250,000 we will donate $75.00, from $250,001 to $500,000 we will donate $100.00, and from $500,000 plus we will donate $250.00 per transaction. All the money we raise for Chilrden’s Miracle Network stays in Central Pennsylvania at our local Miracle Hospital in Hershey. Currently Children’s Miracle Network is building a brand new hospital next to its existing space at Hershey Medical Center. If you want to see first hand the great things happening at Children’s Miracle Hospitals, you can arrange free guided tours and see how we can impact the lives of families in our area.We would like to Thank You in advance for making a difference in a family’s future

The Clinton Team

Jamie Clinton Scott Clinton
717-285-7878 717-285-3089

Looking out to the NEW Children’s Hospital construction

short Vblog followed by some footage of my buddy Saysana and Friends tearing it up on the Motocross Track in Middletown Pa.

Motocross Photos The Bridge Club Middletown Pa

Link to photos Here  
Sez emailed me on friday and said that his friend Tim and he would be up at the Bridge Club in Middletown on the Motocross track.  I took a ride up there on my Triumph Bonneville and took some video and some photos.  Saysana on his 250cc
I got some video on my GoPro HD I will post that in a link to follow. Tim is pictured below on at 450cc
A younger kid out on the track riding a 125cc

RTR Saturday

Leave Etown HS at 905….Bridge in columbia 1000am

Yellow Springs Road Race Canceled Explaniation

I’m sorry to inform you but due to a major snafu the Yellow Springs Road Race scheduled for this Saturday March 26 had been canceled. As race director I thank you for entering and apologize for this. As you know Road Cycling League has an ambitious first season planned and Yellow Springs Road Race was going to be our first race of the season and first race of the 2011 Road Cycling League Super Series.

Unfortunately, while plans for this race have been in the works for over a year a key piece of the puzzle was overlooked all along by several parties including me. We received permission and clearances from two townships and Penn Dot for use of the course. This is normal procedure for securing a course. The bad part is I just found out today that there is an important and non by-passable part of the course that goes through a “Third” township.
In all the planning with the other townships and Penn Dot no one noticed it.

I went back and looked at the map I used last year in planning the course to see why I didn’t see it. On the map I used, townships are divided by color. Unfortunately two townships share a similar color and I’m color blind. I just did not notice it! I’ve driven and ridden the course about 10 times and never saw a sign mentioning the extra township because there isn’t one.

Finally, with such short notice there is no way to get official approval from the third township before the race.
And to meet insurance, USAC and Penn Dot requirements, not to mention the township itself, I need approval.

The good news is the township Police Chief and Manager were open to the idea of the race and thought we should be able to get it done in the future.

So for this year the RCL Super Series will now start at Fulton Road Race on Saturday April 9. You have a choice. I can issue a refund or I can move you straight into Fulton Registration. There is no rush if you want to think about.
Just reply to me at this email and I’ll make it so, either way.

If you know anyone who was planning on coming and registering on Saturday, please pass the word.

I want to say, this situation aside, I’m excited by the ambitious plans of American Cycling Group and my friends at the Pro Cycling Tour. I can assure the rest of the season will happen as planned. We will get this season going and the road scene will be back strong in Pennsylvania.
Again, I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.


Richard Ruoff
Road Cycling League


Yellow Springs Road Race Canceled Due to Road Closure….So On Saturday the 26th

There will now be a spirited Round the River ride leaving the bridge sat @ 10:00 am

Support a Local Rider Hit By a Car after being hit and run by a SUV Find the Hit and Run Driver $5000 reward

Avid cyclist and local competitor Meurig James was riding Last Friday Night.  He and a friend were out riding when suddenly a white SUV hit Meurig Hard.  There are not many details regarding the SUV.  So if anyone has any information James’ employer Celerant Consulting in Philadelphia is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in this case.

I received an email from my cycling club and Meurig is recovering pretty well.  His girlfriend is optomistic that he will be able to provide his own updates on his condition soon.

They request that we keep promoting the reward of $5000 and hoping that people would alert body shops, and auto repare shops to let them know what they were looking for.