A recognized authority on casino gambling, Pilarski survived 18 years in the casino trenches, working for seven different casinos. Mark now writes a nationally syndicated gambling column, is a university lecturer, reviewer and contributing editor for numerous gaming periodicals, and is the creator of the best-selling, award-winning audio cassette series on casino gambling, Hooked on Winning.

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 Preface to "Deal Me In"
1-- Extrasensory Behavior...
2-- Do Two-Year Olds Gamble? You Bet!
3-- I like buffets, but...
4-- Gambler's Ruin
5-- Good Advice Can Come ...
6-- The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
7-- Bankroll Meltdown is Inevitable
8-- The Classic Roman Myth....
9-- Pumping Oxygen into a Casino...
10-- Off to the Races
11-- Pushovers Sit Here
12-- Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers
13-- Please Be the Queen of Spades
14-- Split Decision
15-- You Lose, Just Less Often
16-- Strike When They Ask
17-- Right Place, Wrong Timing
18-- Slots at 35,000 Feet?
19-- The Odds are 3 to 1 Against
20-- The Correct Spelling is...
21-- How Gambling and Arby's...
22-- Inside a Cybernetic One-Armed Bandit
23-- Bankrupt in Three Minutes
24-- Just Say No to Keno
25-- Getting Bent Out of Shape
26-- Playing Bingo Can Be Sound Gambling
27-- The Name is Bond, James Bond
28-- Dealers Call These Players...
29-- Buffets Are A Nevada State Treasure
30-- What's the Deal with Caribbean Stud
31-- My Favorite Cee-ment Ponds
32-- Las Vegas is Cheapskate City
33-- Do Casinos Cheat?
34-- Treat Casino Chips...
35-- Dinner in a Steakhouse...
36-- Your Ticket to Three Squares a Day
37-- Is Counting Worth the Hassle?
38-- Some Do's and Don'ts...
39-- Winner's, Not Losers, Pay the Bills
40-- How Much is Enough?
41-- Sometimes Casinos Can't Figure
42-- Fiscal Ruin Possible...
43-- Player May Not Merit a Frolic Frenzy
44-- Is it Gaming or Gambling?
45-- Heed the Golden Rule of Gambling
46-- Analogies of Greed and Pomposity
47-- Guerrilla Gambling 101
48-- You No Longer Need...
49-- So What's All the Hoopla...
50-- I Play Occasionally, Twice a Week
51-- The Language of Craps
52-- The Legacy of The Gambler
53-- Bad Checks, Loaded Dice...
54-- Crap Wagers that Put You...
55-- A Nevada Perspective...
56-- Casino Loyalty...
57-- Putting Luck into Perspective
58-- Slot Machines Don't Have...
59-- Casino Management Can't Mandate...
60-- Rip-off on the Midway?
61--Compounding Money Only Works...
62-- Mission Accomplished
63-- Casinos Don't Mind Infrequent Winner
64-- Mistakes Shouldn't Cause Problems
65-- Cat and Mouse
66-- Mutual Funds Versus Blackjack
67-- Playing Nickel Machines...
68-- Always Think Two Percent or Less
69-- Plastic or Paper
70-- Play Where There is Competition
71-- A Push is NOT a Win
72-- Don't Quit Your Day Job
73-- Raising Table Limits...
74-- If the Player is Wrong...
75-- Rules That Improve BJ Conditions
76-- Paying Uncle Sam
77-- Same Price, Less Sauce
78-- You Won't Get the Shaft...
79-- Who Needs a Spleen Anyway?
80-- How the House Makes its Bread...
81-- Nothing is a Sure Bet...
82-- Tabasco Style Blackjack
83-- One Taco Short of a Combination Plate
84-- The Kid Wasn't Ready Yet
85-- Three's A Charm
86-- Consider Tipping...
87-- Substantiating Your Losses...
88-- The Secret to Video Poker
89-- Waiving the White Flag in Roulette
90-- Who's Watching Whom in the Pit
91-- Treat All You Winnings...
92-- Wall Street Rolled In
93-- The Law of 250
94-- Bring Your Kids--Sort Of
95-- Are Birthday Numbers Really Lucky?
96-- Slots Simplified
97-- Viva Las Vegas
98-- Salvo Cannonade of Craps Questions
99-- The Side of Gambling...
100-- Sometimes You Wonder...
101-- Acquire Skills at Home...

Order the printed version of "Deal Me In" right now!