ICCA Code of Ethics

These are the ethical standards that the original ICCA upheld as essential not only for its members but for the computer consulting industry as a whole.

  • Consultants will be honest and not knowingly misrepresent facts.
  • Consultants will install and use only properly licensed software on their systems as well as the clients' systems.
  • Consultants will divulge any potential conflicts of interest prior to accepting the contract or as soon as possible after the conflict is discovered.
  • Consultants will only represent opinions as independent if they are free from subordinated judgment and there is no undisclosed interest in the outcome of the client's decision.
  • Consultants will ensure that to the best of their knowledge they can complete the project in a professional manner both in terms of skill and time.
  • Consultants will keep the client informed of any matters relating to the contract even if the information is unfavorable, or may jeopardize the contract.
  • Consultants will safeguard any confidential information or documents entrusted to them and not divulge any confidential information without the consent of the client.
  • Consultants will not take advantage of proprietary information obtained from the client.
  • Consultants will not engage in contracts that are in violation of the law or that might reasonably be used by client to violate the law.
  • ICCA member firms, their principals and employees will uphold the principles of the ICCA and not commit acts discreditable to the ICCA.