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Maximo Park - Karaoke Plays

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Van: | Gemaakt op: 29 okt 2007

http://www.maximopark.com http://www.myspace.com/maximopark

Video directed by Amy Neil and produced by Warp Films.

Taken from the album 'Our Earthly Pleasures' out now.

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  • Maximo park is awesome, all i see from all the video comments is "wow, what a great song"

    and its true

    they are awesome songs

  • I listned to their first album non-stop for an entire month, always expecting it to wear out at one point, but it just kept getting better and better. The second is different, but no worse. An exceptional band, on tape as well as on stage.

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  • Crimen Sollicitationis

  • @munichlife ... i was living in Berwick and getting over a girl.. Certain Trigger shook me down, woke me up and was my soundtrack for weirdest year of my life.. There's a song on that album for every period of that year. The second has crept up on me in bite sized chunks.. Still yet to attack the 3rd properly. All belters.

  • I accidentaly taped maximo park live at the end of my hip hop tape, and it used 2 come on when i was listening 2 rap music, i used 2 say whats this Pifffff! n turn it off, but sometimes i couldent be bothered 2 get up n turn it off so i let it play, haha these songs are so catchy, eventually i used 2 fast forward the rap music and just listern 2 maximo park.

  • Maximo park is a band that just Echoes experience...

    It's hard to explain , Thank you Maximo park , for another great song


  • "The North sea crashes through your dreams... as I leave!" Maximo Park are a terribly underrated band, who can change the tone to suit anything. I worked that out the moment I put "Our Earthly Pleasures" in to the CDPlayer. Indie Rock owns Romance!

  • 8 guys missedthe"I like" button...:(


  • good song :)

  • good song ;)


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