The Public School Financial Transparency Act

Higher Education
Academic Bill of Rights for Public Higher Education Resolution
Resolution Supporting Quality Higher Education
Academic Bill of Rights for Public Higher Education Act
Resolution Supporting Training and Continuing Education for Higher Education Governing Boards
Higher Education Sunshine Act
Resolution Supporting United States History Education
College Funding Accountability Act
140 Credit Hour Act
College Savings Account Act
College Opportunity Fund Act
English Fluency Among Lectures in State Institutions
Inclusive College Savings Plan Act
Higher Education Accountability Act
Credit Articulation Agreements Act
Intellectual Diversity in Higher Education Act
Higher Education Scholarships for High School Pupils Act
The Lifelong Learning Accounts Act
Higher Education Accountability Act
Resolution Calling for Greater Productivity in American Higher Education
Resolution in Support of Private Sector Colleges and Universities

Resolutions Urging Congress
Individuals With Disabilities Education Act Resolution
Resolution on Title 1 of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act
Proposed Resolution on Straight A''''s: Academic Achievement for All

School Choice
Charter Schools Act
The Family Education Tax Credit Program Act
Education Enterprise Zone Act
The Foster Child Scholarship Program Act
Family Education Savings Act
Autism Scholarship Program Act
Great Schools Tax Credit Act
Virtual Public Schools Act
Military Family Scholarship Program Act
The Innovation Schools and School Districts Act
Next Generation Charter Schools Act
Resolution Supporting Private Scholarship Tax Credits
Parental Choice Scholarship Accountability Act
The Smart Start Scholarship Program
Parental Choice Scholarship Program Act (Means-Tested Eligibility)
The Student-Centered Funding Act
Parental Choice Scholarship Program Act (Universal Eligibility)
Online Learning Clearinghouse Act
Parental Choice Scholarship Program Act (Universal eligibility, means-tested scholarship amount)
Special Needs Scholarship Act
Parental Choice Scholarship Tax Credit Accountability Act
Open Enrollment Act
Parental Rights Amendment
Parent Trigger Act
School Board Freedom to Contract Act
The A-Plus Literacy Act

Student Curriculum and Protection
Channel One Resolution
The Personal Financial Literacy Act
Civic Literacy Act
Protection of Minors' and Students' Rights Act
Common Sense in Medicating Students Act
Student Right to Learn Act
Education Accountability Act
Resolution on Non-Verified Science Curriculum Funding
Full Faith and Credit for Properly Constructed IEPs Act
Resolution Supporting the Principles of No Child Left Behind
Longitudinal Student Growth Act
Resolution Urging Health, Nutrition, and Physical Education
One-to-One Reading Improvement Act
Founding Principles Act

Teacher Certification, Quality, and Right to Know
Alternative Certification Act
Teacher Choice Compensation Act
Career Ladder Opportunities Act
Teacher Quality and Recognition Demonstration Act
National Teacher Certification Fairness Act
Teachers' Right to Know
Public School Employee Union Release Time Act
Great Teachers and Leaders Act
School Collective Bargaining Agreement Sunshine Act