Letter From Chicago Red Stars Owners
Chicago Red Stars

The Red Stars organization plans to suspend operations and hopes to play in the 2012 WPS season.


Dear Red Stars Fans,

After exhausting our options late last night, unfortunately the Chicago Red Stars will not be part of Women's Professional Soccer in 2011. We simply do not have sufficient funds and have not found enough new investors to allow us to commit to 2011. We know you are angry and disappointed. We are too. You are incredible fans. Our entire organization has been honored to serve you.

It is important that we emphasize that Chicago hasn't stopped believing in WPS. The league is strong and will continue. But Chicago is for now suspending operations and will work to rejoin the league in 2011 for play in 2012.

Even if we could beg for a bit more time from the league, it is unfair to our players and the league to postpone our decision further. Our great players deserve to be in this league and we don't want to have them miss the free-trade window. The other team owners also need to finalize the 2011 schedule and complete planning for the draft in early January. WPS must move ahead, and for now without the Red Stars.

Chicago is a women's soccer town. WPS will succeed here. We will continue to work to find a few more investors who share our vision, so we can find our way back to WPS. In the interim, we will be exploring options to remain active in the Chicago soccer community.

Thank you again to all our partners, sponsors, vendors and fans. For those of you holding 2011 season and flex tickets, we will reach out to you to process a full refund.

The Owners of the Chicago Red Stars

Press release: Chicago Red Stars Planning to Suspend Operations

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