Posted on December 29th, 2010 at 7:18 PM by SportS

Hello, welcome friends, social phobia is a disorder that experts too easily corrected, the following suggestions: “These people, if you do not want to resort to the physician, can itself in some studies, this problem can download the lowest level. Afraid to talk to these people in the community, whether its the opposite of the mirror self-talk, the story in front of close friends and trusted people, anecdotes and memories can tell. Sports, theater, cinema, such as an interest of social and cultural activities. “Expert physicians, social phobia is a way to defeat the other on the Internet to facebook, twitter, yahoo chat areas is emphasized. “Internet chat, make, albeit a bit over the insecurity of these people will help in disposing of” The doctors said that people feel more comfortable when chatting in a virtual environment, they can freely express their thoughts and feelings reminded. “After a while, won a virtual environment may be easier to communicate with ease and confidence”he said, to discuss the next issue byeee.

Posted on October 10th, 2010 at 9:06 PM by SportS

Hi my friends! Now I gonna talk about a psychology disorder(it is also concerning with my branch. It calls in APA(American Psychology Assocation) :Internet Addiction Disorder(IAD). If you spend much time on surfing internet on google, yahoofacebook, youtube etc. or CHATing on a IRC server and other sites, you could be internet addiction person. So far addictions have mainly focused on highs that are produced from the use of drugs or other external forces that affect the brain’s chemical responses.  However it has recently been brought to the public’s attention that an individual can receive a similar kind of “high” from using the Internet.  This malady has been termed Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD).  The research for this disorder is fairly new and scarce, but the results leave something to mull over.  It affects everyone involved with the “user,” and moreover there are a few psychologists who know how to treat it.  Best regards, Ra.