3GB CRM V3.2 New Features

by Manny 28. March 2009 06:57

Below is a brief list of the new features added to 3GB CRM V3.2   

Multiple Marketing Lists

A number of features have been added to manage multiple marketing groups enabling mass email marketing.

Eftpos Changes

We have made provisions to accommodate the release of new Eftpos cards containing core than 16 digits and the security codes being extend to 4 digits.

X-Box - Create New Customers

A new message window has been added enabling fast copy and paste so that you can create new customers directly from the X-Box making it easier and faster to add new customers to 3GB. This feature is especially handy for companies that generate leads from web sites.

X-Box Exclusion Lists

A new Exclusion list has been added to the X-Box enabling lead generation from multiple email addresses and web sites. 3GB will place every email, fax and SMS that is listed in the exclusion list in the X-Box for manual processing.

Global Active Messaging

This feature enables users to tag or create customer messages for specific users or everyone to view a message; it will remain active until cleared by each and every user. (All customer messages and tags are stored in the customer file). This feature can also be used at the company level and is especially handy for inter-staff communication.

Larger Email Templates

We have extended the email templates to accommodate extremely large graphics rich email templates.

Mass Importing and support for Custom User Fields

More and more customers are adopting the 3G Business benefits, all customers have different needs of what information they want to import into 3GB. With the latest version of 3GB you can now import data to any and all the custom user fields. 3GB provide over 100 custom user fields that can be modified to suit any business

Distribution Keywords

As businesses grow they require automated lead distribution within their business. 3GB can receive a lead automatically create a customer record and NOW automatically distribute that lead to the right sales person or sales department cue.

Multiple Case Type Workflows

3GB Version 3.2 which is ready for release can now handle multiple workflows. This means if you provide different products or services that have a different sales process, 3GB now enables you to create numerous workflow processes to suit your specific sales processes.

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