3G Business CRM

3GB CRM is a simple yet powerful business solution enabling you to generate, manage and store faxes, emails, SMS, quotes, letters, documents, brochures, customer data, pictures, product data, calendar items, actions, tasks, activities, appointments, sales data and accounts, ALL within 1 single application.

Reduce ALL Costs, Increase Productivity and Grow your Sales.


Work Smarter Not Harder!

Unlike 2nd Generation systems 3G Business AUTOMATES the numerous mundane repetitive tasks allowing you to focus on your customers instead of: Do This, Do That, Update This, Update That, Copy This, Paste That, Reminder for This, Reminder for That.

Automate your Admin - Emails, Faxes, SMS, Letters, Tasks, Actions, Notes & Business Processes.


One System for ALL

3GB provides you All apps in one database and one database in all apps. Imagine the power and Simplicity of having 3GBWord and 3GBEmail within your database and your database within 3GBWord and 3GEmail....

Simplify your IT and GREATLY reduce the cost of ownership.


Maximise Your Business

Unlock the Hidden Potential of your Business with 3G Business CRM Software, a highly customisable business solution fully tailored to your industry and business niche. 3GB enables you to Simplify & Automate your sales process and mundane repetitive tasks making it Easier to Sell.

Make it Easier to Sell and your Sales Team Will Sell MORE!

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