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Training Products Australia is the custodian of all nationally endorsed Training Packages and quality teaching and learning resources to support delivery of Vocational Education and Training.

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Noted TAE10 Materials under development by SHEA

Following on from the previous version of learning materials, Shea Business Consulting have developed a full complement of noted learner guides that support the recently endorsed TAE10 Training Package.

As you would expect from Shea, these materials remain the most comprehensive available and will align to the elements of competency within each unit and contain a variety of activities and checklists. Most importantly, each guide will include AQTF 2010 Mapping Advice to assist RTOs in demonstrating compliance with AQTF requirements to an auditor. Furthermore, they are underpinned by sound adult learning principles and respectful of adult learner needs.

These materials will equip your organization with an advanced set of learning tools that will bring back significance to the this important qualification. This will in turn permit your RTO to be at a higher level of training quality as opposed to your competitor as it does not just skim past important learning points but delves into the learning science. These materials take the development of Employability Skills very seriously, and will help your learners develop the confidence to facilitate the learning of others.

The Assessment Field learner and Assessor guides are available now with the remaining available in November and will follow closely with the release of the supporting Assessor Guides.

View the entire list of the Shea TAE10 Materials

Precision Group (Australia) Pty Ltd

Wow! Look what Precision Group has RELEASED!

  • Revised and updated all of the learning material and original assessments providing a new, modern appearance!

    All good news, but wait, there is more... a new assessment has been developed!

  • Development of a simulated online business to facilitate assessing. The new assessments are still completed in hard copy but the learner will use the people, facilities, documents and reports of the simulated online business as a tool for completion of the assessment. This is a BIG plus for full-time students, on-job assessing or those seeking a qualification to progress in their position.

    Six months access automatically comes with the purchase of the assessment.

    Added significant space in all assessment packs for Assessors to note how they will contextualise the assessment and an added schedule for Assessors to fill-in and assess the points to verify the achievement of the contextualised material for each Learner. All of the new assessments relating to the simulated online business also contain a complete RPL pack in each unit.

View the full list of Precision Group Resources

RTO Advice Services

This Quality Management System is a package of policies, procedures, tools and templates specifically designed for a RTO to assist them in the operation of their business. We’ve done the hard work for you by mapping out the many requirements of a RTO and compiling them into an interlinked system that ensures efficient and compliant operations of a RTO. Suitable for both existing RTOs and organisations wishing to set up a RTO, this system will save you time and money. It meets the requirements of the AQTF and the VRQA Guidelines for VET Providers, with detailed mapping of how each document matches up to the guidelines.

Why re-invent the wheel – this systems will remove huge tasks from your to-do-list so you can focus your attention on other areas of the business.

RTO Advice Services and TVET Australia will not be held liable should an RTO using this product receive non-compliant results during an audit. Compliant audit outcomes rely heavily upon the effective implementation of the contents of the product. RTO Advice Services will make every effort to support and guide purchasers appropriately in the effective implementation and customisation of the product.

RTO Advice Services Product

The AQTF 2010 Internal Audit Checklists for RTOs

Does your RTO comply with the new Essential Conditions and Standards for Continuing Registration? The AQTF 2010 Internal Audit Checklists for RTOs outlines the AQTF 2010 Essential Standards for:

  • New Registration
  • Continuing Registration
  • Quality Outcomes
  • Conditions of Registration

The tool provides a step by step evidence guide for the newly revised AQTF 2010 requirements by providing examples of evidence that could be produced to meet particular compliance requirements.

If you are a business wanting to be an RTO or if your RTO is keen to implement a continuous improvement process for your business then you need one of the tools below

  • AQTF 2010 Internal Audit - Essential Conditions and Standards for Initial Registration
  • AQTF 2010 Internal Audit - Essential Conditions and Standards for Continuing Registration

Click on the links below for a full list on the products:

Internal Audit for AQTF (2010) Essential Conditions and Standards for continuing registration checklist for rto's
Internal Audit for AQTF (2010) Essential Conditions and Standards for initial registration checklist for applicant rto's


The purchase and use of the AQTF Internal Audit Tool, in no way assumes that successful initial or continuing registration of your RTO is guaranteed with your State Training Authority. These tools are purely a practical guide in providing examples of how you may meet the newly revised AQTF Standards.

New materials from Smartway

Two new learner guides along with their facilitator guides have been developed by Smartway and are now available at TVET Australia. The learner guides support both CHCCS305A and HLTAP301A, click on the following links and view the samples provided.

CHCCS305A - Assist clients with Medication - Facilitator's Guide Facilitator Guide
CHCCS305A -Assist clients with Medication - Learner's Guide Learner Resource
HLTAP301A - Recognise healthy body systems in a health care context - Facilitator's Guide Facilitator Guide
HLTAP301A - Recognise healthy body systems in a health care context - Learner's Guide Learner Guide

RTO Management Tool

Newbery Consulting have developed a new RTO Management Tool to assist all sizes of new or established Training Organisations to support their operation. Upon the purchase of the tool, Newbery Consulting will contact you to gather further information about your business to customise the tool to meet your business requirements.

Further information about the RTO Management Tool.

SIR07 and SIT07 Learning Materials

TVET Australia is pleased to advise the listing of new SIR07 (Retail) and SIT07 (Tourism, Hospitality & Events) Training Packages. These excellent Learner Guides have been developed by one of Australia's most respected specialist training providers to the hospitality industry. Published as hardcopy volumes, each title addresses an individual unit of competency in the range of AQF levels Certificates II to III.

View the full list of SIR07 Materials
View the full list of SIT07 Materials

BSB07 Training materials are now available

Over 670 Business Services Training Package materials at all AQF Levels. TVET Australia will be continually adding new materials over the next few months so please return again to view the entire list.

Small Business Trainer Resources

TVET Australia Product Services in close partnership with Innovative Business Resources (IBR) have jointly released a series of publications that directly supports both the Certificate III in Micro Business Operations and the Cert. IV in Small Business Management. The qualifications (BSB30307 & BSB40407) sit within the BSB07 Business Services Training Package. IBR is well known in the training system for its quality resources and have been supplying small business training materials to providers of the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS) for a number of years. The latest series of IBR publications build on the experience and feedback gained from its BSB01 range.

As custodian of all nationally endorsed Training Packages, it seems only natural that IBR form a partnership with TVET Australia to market and distribute its materials.

Samples of the latest IBR Small Business Management publications

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