About Us

Who We Are
Citizens for Fire Safety is a coalition of fire professionals, educators, community activists, burn centers, doctors, fire departments and industry leaders, united to ensure that our country is protected by the highest standards of fire safety.

Founded in 2007, Citizens for Fire Safety is a California nonprofit organization seeking to educate the public on safe fire practices within the home, as well as empower those organizations charged with protecting the public's safety. The coalition supports the efforts of the nation's burn centers, hospitals and fire departments, as these institutions serve burn survivors with limited resources.

The coalition formed in response to threatening legislation across the country, calling for the removal of a widely used fire safety tools. These bills set a dangerous precedent, mandating the removal of proven and effective flame retardant chemicals from consumer products without first establishing equally protective replacements.

Since its inception, Citizens for Fire Safety has expanded to become a fire safety advocacy organization. With coalition members across the nation, advocacy has many faces—from furniture retailers, to burn doctors and firefighters.

What We Do
The coalition seeks to serve as a medium to connect fire safety supporters across the country and to provide information about fire safety issues to citizens, public officials and leaders. We believe fire safety education must be an on-going process, and that while there are many points of view on these issues, we must always stand on the side of safety.

Recently, Citizens for Fire Safety has joined with the American Burn Association, the International Firefighters Association and National Institute of Standards and Technology to conduct ongoing studies to ensure safe and effective fire prevention. These organizations are working together to protect the nation in an environmentally conscious and sensible way.

With widespread support from medical communities across the nation, Citizens for Fire Safety has enlisted the support of leading industry burn doctors. Dr. Nathan Kemalyan, director of the Oregon Burn Center, aggressively advocates “adequate, proven and effective fire protection.” Emergency Physician, Dr. John Ogle, defines Citizens for Fire Safety as an organization with a “commitment to saving lives and preventing burns any way possible.” And, previous Director of the American Burn Association, Dr. Roger Salisbury has repeatedly voiced his concerns for any legislation that would directly weaken the nation’s fire safety standards. The organization is also working to raise awareness of the potentially dangerous legislative initiatives that are pending in some 20 states to ban fire prevention tools, and prevent the orderly transition to “next generation” fire safety technologies.

Fire Prevention:
Citizens for Fire Safety proudly participates in the nation’s annual Fire Prevention Week. Each year, the organization sponsors fire safety workshops for elementary schools across the country. These workshops facilitate conversation about the importance of fire safe practices.

How We Operate
Citizens for Fire Safety is operated by a small paid staff and volunteers committed to national fire safety. The organization’s nonprofit status is: 501(c)6. Our efforts are funded by various individuals, groups, businesses and organizations. A portion of our funding which comes from various chemical industry leaders is directed towards funding further study of available flame-retardants and alternatives with the American Burn Association. These leaders in flame-retardant technology work with Citizens for Fire Safety in order to ensure that fire prevention tools are both effective and environmentally friendly.

The Advisory Board of Citizens for Fire Safety consists of coalition members from many industries and areas across the nation. These representatives of Citizens for Fire Safety ensure that the organization advocates fire safety in a thoughtful manner.