the ggx patch archive

ggx is the name of an evolving instruction set architecture that's being co-designed along with development tools, and is being written about here:

This is the post that kicked it off:

The GNU tools patches listed below are in reverse chronological order.

DateBlog Entrysrc patchgcc patch
14-04-2008 trampolines, benchmarks, and rebasing patches all-so-far.patch all-so-far.patch
25-03-2008 the gcc testsuite and cooperative multitasking setjmp-longjmp.patch
24-03-2008 Hello World! add-hello-insns.patch add-hello-patterns.patch
23-03-2008 libgloss, newlib and hello.c build-libgloss.patch build-newlib.patch
22-03-2008 bytes, shorts, some cleanup and gold add-.b-.s-insns.patch add-mov-smaller.patch
21-03-2008 if... then... else... add-cmp-branch.patch add-compare-and-branch.patch
20-03-2008 a simpler way to load and store add-ldo-sto.patch add-indirect-offset-ld-st.patch
19-03-2008 loading and storing add-load-store-insns.patch add-load-store.patch
18-03-2008 function prologues and epilogues add-push-pop-add.patch function-calls.patch
17-03-2008 building and running our first C program rename-regs-call-ret.patch next.patch
16-03-2008 the start of a C compiler add-ggx-config.patch
15-03-2008 time to simulate build-sim.patch
14-03-2008 move it add-mov.patch
13-03-2008 a first real instruction add-ldi.l-instruction.patch
12-03-2008 instruction encodings define-form1-and-form2-instructions.patch
11-03-2008 the linker build-ld.patch
10-03-2008 binutils build-binutils.patch
09-03-2008 cooking with gas build-gas.patch
08-03-2008 bad instructions build-opcodes.patch
07-03-2008 BFD! build-bfd.patch
06-03-2008 Naming the target add-ggx-config.patch

Anthony Green