How to view RSS Feeds in Google Chrome properly

If you are having trouble viewing RSS feeds for your site or any other website in Google Chrome, then you might be looking for a solution. Google Chrome shows a bunch of unformatted text when you click on an RSS feed button instead of a correctly formatted feed like you would see in Firefox web browser and Internet Explorer. By default, you would see something like the text shown below in your Google Chrome browser.

RSS feed in Google Chrome:

RSS in Google Chrome

This is because Google Chrome does not have a built in feature to display RSS feeds in the browser. However, the solution is quick and easy. Simply install the RSS Subscription Extension by Google in your browser which auto detects RSS feeds on the page you are reading. If the extension finds an RSS feed on the page you are reading, it will display an RSS icon in your address bar, or the Omnibox as shown in the picture below. Simply clicking on the icon will allow you to preview the feed and subscribe to it.

RSS icon Google Chrome


How to resolve osCommerce search results show no products on search criteria

If you have a small osCommerce store and have a limited number of products added to the store, you might run into the problem that no search results show up when you type a product name or keyword in the search box. The message you would usually see says “oscommerce There is no product that matches the search criteria.

I ran into a similar problem recently when adding products to a small store for a client. The store had 6 products only, and each of them was manufactured by a different manufacturer. Since the products were related, I also did not add any categories or sub-categories to the web shop as I felt it was not needed. But this is where I went wrong.


If a product is not added to any category or sub-category, it will not show in the search results. So the solution to this problem is to simply make a dummy category, like “our products” and add all the products to that category.

This might sound like a really simple solution, but it works. You can simply hide the category box if you do not want to display it on the website.

If your products are not assigned to any category then they won’t come up in the search results, nor in the advanced search results.


Mobile Marketing can be irritating

When you search Google or any other search engine, you can feel frustrated if you do not get the desired results. Spam sites coming on the first page can not only be annoying, but may lead you to stop using a particular search engine at all. Google however makes sure that their search results always server the users with the information that are looking for, which is why it is the most popularly used search engine today.

Just like online marketing is a way to provide exposure to companies and businesses, mobile marketing has also gained a lot of popularity recently. According to Wikipedia, it is a relatively new method of marketing through a mobile device such as a mobile phone. SMS or Short Message Service is used to send messages to thousands of users every day by companies as a means to promote their products or services. Although SMS marketing has now become legal over the years, it can still cause a lot of unwanted trouble to mobile phone users, as they can be charged by the service provider for every text message they receive on their mobile phone. In such cases, cell phone users can install mobile phone utilities to help them block unwanted text messages and message spam on their cell phones.

TextGuardTextGuard is a third party mobile phone utility which provides text archiving, SMS monitoring and SMS spam filtering services to BlackBerry and Windows Mobile users. It allows users to filter certain SMS messages by a particular keyword or by blocking certain numbers from text messaging you. The utility not only allows you to block incoming text messages, but you can also block or stop messages from going to a particular number. The utility is extremely handy and can be used by parents to block and monitor the cell phone activities of their kids.


Premium Website Templates at TemplateWorld

Template WorldFinding the best website design layout for your new website can be a difficult task, especially if you have limited time at your disposal. is a website which provides eye-catching website templates, flash website templates, logos and corporate ID’s which you can access with their Premium Membership Offer at an affordable price of only $49.95 which provides instant access to all templates with a 6 month access. Their premium membership allows you to download a maximum of 20 premium templates in 24 hours.

Template World offers all kinds of website templates from HTML sites, to full flash websites, Joomla templates, Simple CSS websites, osCommerce Templates as well as xHTML and CSS Templates. They also offer all kinds of Web 2.0 Templates, Logo Templates and Wordpress Themes. Downloading templates from the website allows you to preview the website which you will be downloading before you pay for it. The templates are easy to download, use and customize according to your needs. They are also easy to setup and can save you hundreds of dollars without having to contact expensive web design companies.

The templates available at are easy to upload and are made keeping in consideration the latest trends in website design and development. They are compatible with the latest web browsers and can be easily edited using any popular HTML editor such as Dreamweaver, Frontpage, GoLive, Homesite, 1st Page, etc. Their screen resolutions are also available for different screen resolutions as viewed by the users. All website templates are user friendly and use navigations to allow the website visitors to browse around the web pages easily. Even if you have to incorporate them with a custom CMS (Content Management System), you will have no problems in doing that.

The images and logo templates available at TemplateWorld can be easily edited using any image editor, just like the web templates can be edited in any HTML editor. All source files for images and web templates can also be downloaded from the website.

At TemplateWorld, you can browse through a wide range of categories for website templates, which include beauty & fashion, business, cars & vehicles, computers, entertainment, flowers & gifts, food & restaurants, games, health & fitness, hotels, jewellery, online stores, portals, real estate, sports, travel & vacation, web design and web hosting to name a few. They also offer custom web template designs services which you can hire to get a custom website design made for you website.

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How can website templates be beneficial for you?

Dream TemplateMany businesses and individuals who plan to start a new website for themselves often face some serious questions like

  • What should my website look like?
  • Whom should I contact to make a design for my website?
  • Is there a quick way to grab some ready-to-use designs which I can use for my website?

The design, layout and look and feel of your new website are some of the most crucial parts of the whole process of getting a new website made. A poorly designed website may not captivate the attention of the user visiting it, could be boring or might not be able to convert the users to customers for you. Therefore, choosing the right design for your website is very important.

Today, there are hundreds of websites on the web which offer thousands of website templates to people looking to start their new websites. DreamTemplate is a website selling thousands web templates, flash templates and powerpoint and word templates categorized according to different themes. They even have free website templates which can help you start a business or personal website in no time. You can also benefit from their limited time offer for unlimited access to all their website templates for a special price of only $59.95!

Benefits of using web templates

Choosing a website template to start your new site has its own benefits. Some of the most important benefits are listed below:

  • You have a wide variety of options available to choose from
  • Instant availability of design
  • Saves time contacting a web design firm which can take a lot of time, effort and money
  • HTML Text is also available readily so you do not have to worry about the design conversion
  • You also have an option to pay the unique price for a template

There are many more advantages of choosing a website template for your website. Another interesting thing about these templates is that they follow the latest design guidelines. If you hire a web designer, you might be worried if the designer will be able to make a design for you which is colorful, trendy, stylish, and modern, is user friendly and meets your needs. Moreover, you should make sure that the design is completely user friendly as well as search engine friendly so you will not have problems with the site later on.

So if you plan to buy a template for your next website, visit


The importance of Search Engine Friendly Website Design

Some people think that the design of a website has nothing to do with the SEO or Search Engine Optimization of a website. However, this is a completely wrong assumption. Search Engine Optimization is affected by a number of factors, which include both on-page optimization as well as off-site or off-page optimization techniques.

Title Tags, Meta Keywords and Meta Description Tags, along with the website content and keywords used in the body content all contribute towards the on-site or on-page factors. What webmasters sometimes ignore is that the design and development of a website is also another factor which affects Search Engine Rankings.

A website can be designed with a table layout or it can be made div-based. The DIV based design uses CSS styling to control the layout of the entire page. Since most of the design is controlled through the CSS Style Sheets, the HTML code of the web pages itself decreases considerably, hence improving the Text to HTML ratio of every page of the website. This improvement helps in on-page optimization and hence, can lead to improved Search Engine Rankings.

Having a Search Engine Friendly website is important for improved Search Engine Rankings. Some webmasters focus on making their websites W3C compliant. However, it should be taken into consideration that W3C standards are over-hyped and making websites compliant is not extremely necessary.

Other factors which contribute to having a Search Engine Friendly website include the following:

  • Text based navigation
  • Good Internal Linking of the web pages
  • Website Sitemap

Other things to avoid are the following:

  • Flash navigation
  • JavaScript drop down navigations
  • Use of Frames
  • Flash based website

So when you design and develop your website, make sure you follow the above listed points to make it as Search Engine Friendly as possible. Stay tuned for more tips on making search engine friendly websites.

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Primeview Arizona - Leading web design company

Finding the right company to manage your website for you and take care of its marketing and online promotion needs can be a tricky task. Before you go about promoting your website, you have to make sure that the design of your website is Search Engine Friendly as well as user friendly which can help convert the users of your website to customers. Consulting a professional SEO and web design company can be a good idea.

Primeview is an Arizona web design company in Phoenix, Arizona, based in the US, which provides Arizona SEO services to clients. It is an online marketing and web design and development company which has been successfully serving its clients for more than 10 years. They provide a complete range of online business solutions, starting from web site hosting to design and development of websites, to search engine optimization and online marketing. The website itself is ranking high on search engines and coming on page 1 for its main keywords like “Arizona search engine optimization”, “Arizona SEO”, “Arizona web design”, “Arizona web company” and several other key phrases.

Primeview has worked with some of the leading businesses in various industries, including travel, finance, entertainment, health, ecommerce and service sectors. Some of their featured clients include big names like Nissan, National Car Rental and University of Phoenix. Be sure to check out their cool before and after gallery which features selected projects from their portfolio.

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SEOContest2008 making Google go crazy!

I just checked my rankings on Google a few hours back, and I was near the end of page 6 on the SERPs. Luckily, I checked again after a few minutes and my SEOContest2008 page had jumped to position #51 on Google, right at the top of page 6!

Here is a screenshot I saved from Google for my rankings Page 6 of SEOContest2008

Sadly, I just checked it a few minutes back and my site is again near the bottom of page 6 on Google. I’m looking forward to a lot of improvement in this week, especially after the new updates get indexed on Google.

There are now 3,480 results on Google SERPs for the search term SEOContest2008. Almost 55 days to go. They are definitely going to increase to a very large amount.

Yahoo Back Links Update for my SEOContest2008 page

I checked my back links on Yahoo yesterday and I had 13 Inlinks to, but when I checked them in the morning today, Yahoo! wasn’t showing any links at all, which was a bit strange. I rechecked the Inbound links again now, and they are finally back. Yahoo is showing 43 Incoming links to my SEO Contest 2008 page, which is good :)

Here is the link to check my updated links on Yahoo to the contest page:

Yahoo InLinks for

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Enter yourself in the 2008 SEO Contest - SEOContest2008!

Enter yourself in the 2008 SEO Contest - SEOContest2008!

SEOContest2008 is holding a 2 month contest starting from 1st February 2008 and ending on 31st March 2008. will choose the winning entry and results will be checked on 1st April 2008 1pm UK time.

The rules for the contest are simple!

  1. Create a brand new page on an existing website, domain or sub-domain of your website which has no backlinks to it, and compete in the contest to take it to Number 1 on Google in 2 months for the keyword SEOContest2008!
  1. Insert the following HTML code into the competitive design page, where “your name” is the ID you use on the forum:

<a href=”” target=”_blank” user=”your name”>UK webmaster forum seo contest</a>

  1. Register yourself on the website to enter yourself in the SEO Contest as an entrant, using the registration form.

I entered the contest yesterday with this new page for SEOContest2008 on my blog.

You can also register yourself today for the grand prize of $1000 or $100 for the 3 runner up positions. Winners will receive the prize through PayPal transfer!

For more updates on the contest and its progress, do visit my contest page regularly!


The long awaited blog Updates

It’s been almost 2 months since I last posted anything on my blog, so I finally got time today to write a post about some blog updates and news. I’ve been really busy in a few things at home and also at my job, and that’s why I have not been able to update my blog regularly, but I’ll make it a point to take some time out on weekends and write some good blog posts which I can post throughout the week easily.

Change from 2 column to 3 column

I wanted to have a new 3 column layout blog, so I tried my HTML skills last week to change my blog to a 3-column format from the old 2 column layout I was using before. I’ve tried to keep it similar to the old design so my viewers don’t get a completely new blog when they visit seo reloaded :)

Dedicated IP for my blog

I now have dedicated IP for my blog which is great :D You can access my blog by going to

LCD Winner

Yes I was announced the winner of the free LCD giveaway at Cash For Comments!

I won the free 24 LCD contest at but did not get the time to update it on my blog. So I’m officially announcing the contest results on my blog and the prize I got from Prija. It was the second contest I won online, after the T-shirt from

I’m a sponsor at the Car Give Away at Blogging The Movie

Blogging The Movie

As a thank you note to Prija for the lovely 24 inch LCD, I decided to give something back to him by becoming a car sponsor at and I was the 23rd sponsor out of the expected 500 ;)

You can also become one of the car sponsors by buying a link for $100 only and get excellent chances of promoting your blog or website. You will get 2 free reviews on his sites, with links to your website or blog, a permanent link on the car sponsors page and your domain on the two Scion tC’s, free car giveaway. Be part of the 1st FREE car giveaway in blogging history with a one time payment of $100. Only 500 spots are available, so hurry before they are filled up.


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