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Birkenhead – Judge Arrested and Lawful Building Seizure From Sovereign Independent Eyewitness

Eyewitness account:

By Sally Exoudhu

A throng of about 600 supporters arrived at the LAWFUL PEACEFUL REBELLION at Birkenhead UK gathering on Monday 7th March 2011 not knowing what to expect. This was the estimated number attending according to the Wirral Globe. The rebels were supporters of Roger Hayes who, on behalf of all council taxpayers in the UK, has withheld payment of said tax for three years or so until proof of requirement to pay is demonstrated. If proof is not forthcoming, the council tax then is presumably fraudulent. The lawful peaceful rebels managed to turn up in spite of family and work commitments, the incredibly awkward timing of 1pm on a Monday, in spite of forced austerity, and in spite of the police state which we all now live under, which includes phone tapping, e-mail snooping, supermarket staff spies and even children paid to spy Soviet-style on ordinary people.

The supporters gathered before 1pm at local pubs and met at Hamilton Square, a once beautiful setting, but now a sea of taxpayer-bought CCTV behaviour modification equipment. The gathering consisted of rebels of all ages and races, and with an even proportion of men and women. There were various orchestrated movements from pillar to post culminating in the peaceful and lawful seizure of the building known as the Birkenhead County Court – situated on the corner of Hinson Street and Hamilton Street in Birkenhead in the Borough of the Wirral.

This was not a protest, nor was it a demonstration. This was a Lawful Peaceful Rebellion, which is a Common Law right under article 61 of the Magna Carta of 1215. It appears that judges who do not act on their oath are not judges, they are masquerading as judges and guilty of the crime of treason, and all so-called police officers who are or have become aware of this are guilty of the crime of misprision of treason.

Supporters of the incredibly brave Roger Hayes, who were well versed in the law and dressed in smart suits entered the courtroom and demanded their right to a hearing under Common Law it would appear, thus turning the court into a Common Law Court. It was difficult to follow exactly what was going on, as The British Constitution Group organisers had to hold their cards very close to their chests thanks to the coalition three-in-one Communist government that now dominates the Western World. The supporters however, were well rewarded for trusting the BC Group. The true magnitude of the events unfolded only as the events were happening in real time.

Roger Hayes was removed shouting to the crowd that the judge must be arrested immediately for treason, to which the crowd broke into chanting ‘arrest the judge, arrest the judge’. At a later stage a convoy of police vans arrived containing the corporate bankster property in black and yellow masquerading as police officers (wittingly or unwittingly). They ran into the building against the choral chanting of ‘do your job, and, arrest the judge’, ‘treason’, ‘treason’ What do we want, Freedom! When do we want it, now!

The event wasn’t without its humour. The Liverpool Love Police Academy were out in full force. For those unaware of The Love Police they are a cuddly/nice police force. They try to gain hugs from police officers.

Some of the burly muscular Liverpool Love Police Academy were like incredible hulks in stature compared to the bankster revenue collecting bailiffs dressed in yellow stripes like worker bees answerable to the Queen’s drones against a backdrop of chanters (pardon the bagpipe connection). No hugs were accepted apparently; no consent – case dismissed – the bailiffs were left alone. Some LLPA officers were appropriately dressed as cuddly agent provocateurs while others were dressed in official-looking fluorescent yellow worker-bee jackets which should have read POLICE SECURITY across their backs, but actually read POLITE INSECURITY. As the pools of yellow flooded in, the rebels were reminded that they were on Merseyside as the chanting turned to
We all live in a Police State regime
A Police State regime
Police State regime sung to the tune of Yellow Submarine. There was a strong Liverpool ring to it.

Spokespersons from inside the courtroom occasionally came outside to mingle among the lawful rebels and report on what was happening inside. They were explaining that we were now witnessing history in the making and that any judge not acting on his oath is not a judge. It would appear that anyone who is in a court where a judge does not act on his oath may simply walk out. They stated that various police officers have assaulted unlawfully several citizens, and are guilty of the crime of misprision of treason under Common Law for aiding and abetting in the transfer of this country to a foreign dictatorship, namely the European Union. They stated also stated that we are now officially in Lawful Rebellion under article 61 of Magna Carta 1215. It appears that the three-in-one UK treasonous government is now officially null and void.

The event ended with a twenty-foot banner being draped across the courtroom entrance bearing the words MAGNA CARTA 1215 LAWFUL REBELLION. The British Constitution Group –

The 600 Lawful Peaceful Rebels then quietly disbanded and began their long journeys home or dispersed to share views in the nearby pub.

This is what seems to have happened from my observation. The magnitude of the event will unfold as it spreads virally like wildfire across the globe exposing the New World Order.

The event was no place for cynics or control freaks but for sovereign individuals following their gut instincts.

08/03/2011- Birkenhead – Notice of Peaceful & Lawful Seizure.avi
Lawful Rebellion 7th March Birkenhead


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  2. Pathocracy Paddy

    Upholding the Common Law: We Want the Police to Do Their Jobs and Fulfill their Rightful and Legal Duties to the Public Whom They Serve!

    I, Roger Hayes, Am Not Liable For Council Tax, AND NEITHER ARE YOU!

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