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Electromagnetic Eugenics – Wireless Culling of the Population!

Foreword by Sally Exoudhu

What follows is a shocking video, warning of the dangers of the zapping we all get from the eugenicists every day and every night. No buzzwords, no spin, just the verifiable scientific facts not running through the global propaganda engines.

Electric Genocide: the trick of the Elect


The Seletun Scientific Panel recommends significant reduction of EMF exposure limits because of current scientific uncertainty and to protect the health of the vulnerable in society.

In November 2009, a number of prominent scientists met at Seletun, in Norway, to discuss their concerns about the proliferation of radiation-emitting technology and the effects on health that this was believed to be having.

They concluded that public exposure levels are too high, and that this leads to significant bio-effects, such as cancer, infertility, DNA damage, mood changes, concentration and learning problems, Alzheimer’s disease, ALS, sleep disruption and many other measures of health, disrupting the lives of millions of people. No account is taken of the synergistic effects of combinations of frequencies which could make these risks far worse.

The Seletun Scientific Panel, composed of scientific experts present at the conference, are calling for a new approach to the protection of public health, with governments taking decisive action now to protect the lives of people, especially those who are vulnerable – predicted to be between 40-50% of the population (the elderly, the ill, those who are genetically and/or immunologically challenged) – and, of course, our growing and developing children, our future. We also need to protect our economic life, which could be devastated by the ill-health of so many people of working age.

The Seletun Scientific Panel agreed on 10 proposals, including the need for government action.

The global population is at risk.
Sensitive populations are currently vulnerable.
Government actions are warranted NOW based on evidence of serious disruption to biological systems.
The burden of proof for the safety of radiation-emitting technologies should fall on producers and providers; NOT CONSUMERS.
EMF exposures should be reduced in advance of complete understanding of mechanisms of action.
The current accepted measure of radiation risk – the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) – is inadequate and misguides on safety and risk.
An international disease registry is needed to track time trends of illnesses to correlate illnesses with exposures.
Pre-market health testing and safety demonstration of all radiation-emitting technologies.
Parity needed for occupational exposure standards. Though workers may overall be healthier than the public in general, it also includes women of child-bearing age whose foetuses could be damaged and men whose fertility could be compromised.
Functional impairment designation for persons with electrohypersensitivity.
Click here to see a 15 minute video of Professor Olle Johansson talking about their new guidelines.

Olle Johansson, PhD Announcing Seletun Scientific Statement from ElectromagneticHealth.Org on Vimeo.

Olle Johansson is one of the Seletun panel and professor of experimental dermatology at the Nobel prize-winning Karolinska Institute in Sweden and long term campaigner for and supporter of those who are affected by electromagnetic fields.

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9 Comments for “Electromagnetic Eugenics – Wireless Culling of the Population!”

  1. Pathcracy Paddy

    Passive smoking?
    What about passive radiation?
    Passive chemtrailing?
    Passive HAARP?
    Passive fluoridation?
    Passive supermarket-chemical, and GMO poisoning, not to mention the health risks of being forced to swim around like a tiny fish in the shark-infested murderous EUGENICS economy that fuels all this toxicity.
    I’m not saying smoking is good for you, just pointing out the hypocrisy and efficiency of the global Bernaysian propaganda factory.

    • Ed Stratford

      You’re spot on. How much crap do we have to endure before we all stand up and “Walk Like an Egyptian”. We have all been subjected to a massive con to make us think in materialistic terms. Sadly, the methodology has worked and people are more concerned with polishing their cars than personal integrity.

    • Don’t be too hard on the sheep, most of them can’t handle it… not their fault either…… most folk today, remember, that last study the think tanks did stated people today are at a higher risk for alzeimers LOLOLOLOL wink wink wink

  2. Ecoloblue is crap

    Ecoloblue should go out of business. Their products are crap, they break within three months of minimal/normal use and the staff will not answer any questions. So unless you know of a person who can fix these crappy machines don’t waste your time. There are better water filters out there. And seriously if you have no electricity what good will this product do for you…. That is of course if it is still working. Go with another more well trusted brand.

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  4. Less Worse

    Predictive programming: We were warned via “Johnny Mnemonic”. Bring on the luddites, they have more stamina.

  5. Joe Bogggs

    Less Worse is this more worse or less worse?

    By Joe Bogggs

    Rise up you silent Luddites
    The old the bold the young
    They’ll engineer and clone you
    Without a rebel tongue

    Rise up now you Luddites
    While there’s time to intervene
    Rise up now you Luddites
    Be a clog in their machine

    Rebel against the future
    Learn lessons from the past
    Technology’s on trial
    This trial won’t be the last
    The master in the mansion
    The wage-slave at the gate
    De-humanised expansion
    Puts food upon your plate
    The pornographic tabloids
    The Guardian, Mail and Sun
    We would not raise their profile
    By brandishing a gun
    We have not use their firearms
    They plant them as a trap
    With civil disobedience
    Put Luddites on the map
    Our grudge is not with progress
    With Luddites in control
    But drudgery and bondage
    Eradicate the soul
    Drag money to the courthouse
    Stand finance in the dock
    Let people be the jury
    Let brokers all take stock
    Rise up you silent Luddites
    The old the bold the young
    They’ll engineer and clone you
    Without a rebel tongue

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