10 April 2011

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Dave Shaw

Red Dwarf News!

Red Dwarf News!

Ah 2009. Barack Obama became the 44th US president, Roger Federer scored a record 15th Grand Slam at Wimbledon and Susan Boyle stunned the world by being able to sing. But perhaps the most historic event in that monumental year was the return of Red Dwarf on Dave.

Red Dwarf: Back to Earth saw the iconic cast reunited in three special episodes that found them finally returning to their home planet, only to discover that they were now characters in a TV show called, er, "Red Dwarf".

It was, frankly, a mind-blowing success, and ever since there's been feverish anticipation of Dave bringing back the sci-fi sitcom for even more intergalactic adventures.

Well, you may have heard the knee-trembling news that Grant Naylor Productions has now signed on for a new Red Dwarf series with Dave. This is absolutely true, and we can't wait to bring you more Dwarf, but we should just mention that there's still some stuff that needs to be sorted out before the show can go into production so nothing is 100% definite at this stage. Having said that - it's certainly looking good for all you Dwarfers out there.

Rest assured that we'll update you as soon as we get any more news right here on joindave.co.uk.

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  • MarkC99996 MarkC99996 | 10 Apr 11

    Fantastic news, and great that its a full 6 part series. Seriously cant wait now. Series V and VI were my all time favourites so anything like them would be amazing.

  • Bentendo Bentendo | 10 Apr 11

    - Six 30-minute episodes will make up the series. - Pre-production October - Shooting November to January [probably with an audience!] - Broadcast September 2012 - Model shots would be preferred, but cost could be an issue. - Hattie possible returning as Holly - Talkie Toaster could be back haha!

  • davelonz davelonz | 18 Mar 10

    Please please please more more more :)

  • stephaniewoohoo stephaniewoohoo | 27 Oct 09

    was chuft to bits with dave showing all new eps of rd im sucha dwarfer smeggin gr8

  • JonathanM19605 JonathanM19605 | 26 Oct 09

    Just please say its going to get a longer timeslot. Taking into consideration the ad breaks, back to earth was about 20 mins an episode which just wasn't enough for the 3 specials considering how much storyline needed to be crammed in.

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  • CarlS17085 CarlS17085 | 20 Oct 09

    TBH, those three shows were awful. If you do more, could you up return to earlier quality, please. Ta.

  • Dale2804 Dale2804 | 18 Oct 09

    wooo..give us a new series!!lol

  • Cappsy Cappsy | 14 Oct 09

    I don't want to hear it on joindave.co.uk first, I want to hear it from Grant Naylor Productions. As do everyone in Dwarf fandom. It's lovely that you're wanting to broadcast more Dwarf, but wind your flipping necks in.

  • RobC97410 RobC97410 | 13 Oct 09

    Dear Dave, Please commission a new series of Red Dwarf, it would be amazing!

  • karenjc70 karenjc70 | 12 Oct 09

    I was at Dimension Jump XV on 9-11 October where I heard Andrew Ellard quote from a message from Doug Naylor that Dave have commissioned Doug to write 6 new Red Dwarf scripts. Not quite a promise of a new series... but promising anyway!

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