Could He Be The Next American Idol?

Scotty McCreery in an earlier appearance on "American Idol."

Scotty McCreery in an earlier appearance on "American Idol."


American Idol Audition

For a video of McCreery's audition, click here.

Many people will be watching "American Idol" tonight, but probably none with more intensity than Aberdeen residents Bill and Paquita McCreery, and their family members.

Their grandson, Scott Cooke McCreery, from Garner, has made the group round of the show's Hollywood rounds. His parents are Michael and Judy McCreery. His sister, Ashley, attends UNC Charlotte.

The 17-year-old McCreery surprised judges Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson in his Milwaukee audition with his smooth bass voice as he sang Josh Turner's "Your Man" and Travis Tritt's "Put Some Drive in Your Country."

His performance impressed not only the judges, but Josh Turner himself, who commented, "I got the link to Scotty's audition the other night. I am honored he would choose to sing one of my songs, and I'm impressed by his voice and his character. I'll definitely be pulling for him!"

Aunt Tina McCreery Creech is an RN and case manager at FirstHealth of the Carolinas Moore Regional Hospital. She and her husband, Billy, who also grew up in Garner, and their children, Samantha, 17, and Casey, 15, who attend Pinecrest High School, are Pinehurst residents.

"Scott mainly sang in church," says Creech. "But in 2009, he won the Clayton Idol competition, and I believe it launched everything."

Creech says her office door at the hospital is the "American Idol" bulletin board.

"A lot of people are watching him, and I discuss it every day with someone," she says. "Doctor, nurse or patient, we are all talking about him. I even had a patient ask me to bring my laptop to her room so she could watch the audition."

Samantha Creech and her sister, Casey, have placed posters at Pinecrest High School, where Casey sings in Soto, the competition choir.

"Casey, like Scotty, has been in school plays and musicals," says Tina Creech.

Creech had heard her nephew sing over the years, but it was a song sung at his grandparents' 50th anniversary party that particularly impressed her.

"He sang 'Free Bird,'" she says. "It was something."

As far back as November, "Idol" producer Nigel Lythgoe was promoting the show with visits on national talk shows. During an interview with the women of "The View," he showed a clip of McCreery's performance.

"When I saw him on 'The View,' I was stunned," says Creech. "I am so proud of him.

According to his family, Scotty has always been singing.

"He would sing Elvis for his AG teacher in fifth grade and gave Elvis concerts in the back of the school bus," says his mother, Judy, a graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill.

Scotty attends First Baptist Church in Garner, plays baseball for his high school team and works as a bagger at Lowes Foods.

"We want people to know he is a North Carolina boy through and through," says his father, Michael, a graduate of N.C. State University.

McCreery's next "Idol" appearance will likely come during the show's Hollywood group round, which airs at 8 p.m. tonight, Wednesday, Feb. 16.

McCreery had to sign a contract, so at this point no one in the family has any idea what will happen.

"I do not know how far Scotty goes, so it will be a surprise to everyone," says Tina Creech. "I hope he makes it to the voting rounds. We will have to see."

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I thought he was great! What a voice! I hope he goes all the way , but if not, I do believe he will be discovered by someone in the country music field.I know all his family is so proud of him.I will be watching him & rooting for him. Good Luck Scott!



Well, he made it through again tonight..Yea... !!

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