Welcome to our new website . . we still like the old one but it was beginning to creak around the edges, given that it predated most contemporary browsers by about ten years! Where is Netscape Navigator these days? Please stick with us while we work out how to use it and add new content: if you are looking for stuff from the past, you may want to check the archive section below.
Added on: April 11, 2011
Love Letter To Japan
BMX Bandits, Stevie Jackson, The Pastels, Craig Armstrong and many more Scottish artists support Japan.
Added on: March 21, 2011
Our iPhone App
Some nice new content and a lick of paint
Added on: March 14, 2011
European Tour Supports Announced
Lars and The Hands of Light, Those Dancing Days, Zoey Van Goey, Schwervon!, Vaclav Havelka, and Paula & Karol
Added on: March 14, 2011
Concern Raffle
Win a free trip for you and a friend to see us at Primavera Sound in Barcelona!
Added on: March 1, 2011
I Want The World to Stop
single now available to download / stream in UK
Belle & Sebastian - Bowlie Weekender II - mens
Bowlie 2 T-Shirts
We had a great time at Bowlie 2 and we’ve got the t-shirts to prove it! This design harks back to the first Bowlie t-shirt, featuring a foxy young Jean-Pierre Léaud, as well as the names of all the bands that played!
Answered on: 19/04/2011
Are you ever tempted to put a picture of yourselves on an album cover? If so, why so; If not, why not? Also, do you think you would make more money if you did more interviews?
February 7th, 2011: Songs About Songs
There’s certain songs that give me enjoyment and comfort, and that’s because they are written about the experience of music itself.. ..but how about you maybe fire me off a few? I can’t think of any more.

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April 19, 2011
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