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Updated  9:38 AM 9/14/03
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Celtic Fonts

PR Uncial 2003


This is our first font, based on Peter's own personal way of writing uncials, The rounded letters of the fourth to eighth centuries. It makes use of small and large caps.

Updated for compatibility with Windows 2000

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PR Uncial Alt Caps 2

This font combines the capital from PR Uncial, and combines these rounded, early medieval letters with another set of capitals of a more classical proportion, as well as a variety of additional forms: A tall "T" which allows you to nest the adjacent letters closer together, ans some Ligatures, (letters joined together in a single character, available on one keystroke). Try mixing and matching for the best effect. 

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PR Uncial Alt Caps 

This font contains the same set of characters as "Alt Caps 2" but only 75% as wide. Both are very suitable for titling or as Drop Caps.

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PR Celtic Narrow

This is the latest addition to my family of "uncial" fonts, loosely based on the 8th Anglo Saxon notes in a Northumbrian manuscript, the "Lindisfarne Gospels". 
To learn More about the Lindisfarne Gospels, click here.
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Other Alphabetic Fonts:


 This font features the angular lines of early Etruscan inscriptions

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Symbol Fonts:
NEW!(Added Dec 16th, 2000)

PR Rune Stones 2, PR Runes 2

These 2 fonts feature the 24 characters of the "Elder Futhark" with and without an elliptical "stone" outline.

The capital letters will display the upright glyphs, and the small letters will show the inverted forms. Use the one without the "stones" for creating runic inscriptions.  

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PR Runes

This font features the 24 characters of the "Elder Futhark" with an elliptical "stone" outline. Also Included are some Symbols of the seasons, a Thor's hammer, and a few other metaphysical glyphs. 

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PR Astro

This font is a collection of astrological and metaphysical symbols:
Not a font you can "spell" with, at least not in the conventional sense! 

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PR Alchemyst

PR Monk's Holiday

PR Snaggly