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  • Interview: Rich Stim, Permissions and Fair Use
    Rich Stim is corporate counsel for Nolo.Rich is the author of several Nolo intellectual property books including:Patent, Copyright & Trademark: An Intellectual Property Desk ReferencePatent Pending in 24 HoursMusic Law: How to Run Your Band's BusinessRich also writes two blogs for Nolo, What Price Justice and Nolo's Patent, Copyright & Trademark Blog, and provides information about trade secrets and nondisclosure agreements at NDAs For Free. He lives in San Francisco and has been without cable...
  • Correction: Google Book Settlement case court docs here
    Here is the corrected link for over five years of court documents, organized by date. Courtesy of Stanford Fair Use and Justia:  http://fairuse.stanford.edu/blog/2011/03/the-authors-guild-et-al-v-goog.html
  • The Authors Guild et al v. Google Inc. :: Justia Dockets & Filings
    Court filings courtesy of Stanford Fair Use / Justia athttp://fairuse.stanford.edu/blog/2011/03/the-authors-guild-et-al-v-goog.html

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  • In new case, Arista v Frawley, defendant moves to dismiss
    In a new case in Albany, against a SUNY Albany student, the defendant has moved to dismiss. The motion is presently pending. Defendant's memorandum of law RIAA's opposition memorandum of law Defendant's reply memorandum of law Defendant is...
    by Ray Beckerman
  • Because These Things NEVER Go Wrong
    A quick follow-up to my rant yesterday about the epically bad plan to allow one-sided seizures (hijackings) of domain names: TorrentFreak notes that the US Government just shut down 84,000 sites 'by mistake'. So, yeah, we should definitely pass a law...
  • Ninth Circuit rejects Chamberlain places DMCA back on a proper track
    In 2004, in the Chamberlain case, the Federal Circuit unaccountably grafted a non-statutory element on the access control provisions of the DMCA, requiring that there be some connection to preventing infringement for there to be protection against...
    by Raymond Nimmer
  • AP and Shepard Fairey settle case; claims against corporate entities remain
    The Associated Press announced that it has "settled in principle" its copyright case against artist Shepard Fairey over his use of an AP photograph in the iconic "Obama Hope" poster. The announcement of the settlement comes a little more than seven...
    by Ben Sheffner
  • U.S. Court Rules Against isoHunt For Inducing Copyright Infringement
    A U.S. federal court in California has issued a summary judgment against Canadian-based isoHunt (and its owner Gary Fung), ruling that the site violates U.S. copyright law by inducing copyright infringement. The judge ruled that the isoHunt case is...
    by Michael Geist's Blog