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Cyrus Garza's on a never-ending quest for true justice. Watch full episodes here. Catch up with the show, check out a ton of great screen grabs and more! Think you've got a handle on the Outlaw cast? Prove what you know by taking our all-new trivia quiz. Take the latest Outlaw challenge and get yourself some Fan It points!


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Season 1 Highlights
Ep 107: In Memory of Kelvin Jones

Garza goes out on a limb to help a neglected school make a turnaround. Watch »

Season 1 Highlights
Ep 106: Carving Out an Exception

Al accuses Garza of being a bigot for not taking a stand. Watch »

Season 1 Highlights
Ep 105: Sins of the Father

Garza and his former friend Vidalin face off over his daughter's case. Watch »


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Recent Episodes

In Re: Tony Mejia

Justice doesn't quit at the border. Garza travels to Mexico to fight for a murderer's extradition and winds up defending him instead.

Watch Until 09/18/11

In Re: Kelvin Jones

When a student dies in a gang shooting at the Cyrus Garza School, Garza fights to force the district to desegregate. Lucinda becomes a prime murder suspect.

Watch Until 09/18/11

In Re: Tyler Banks

Offended by the practice of dumping foster kids off organ transplant lists, Garza fights to save the life of a boy in need of a liver.

Watch Until 09/18/11

In Re: Tracy Vidalin

Garza puts personal differences aside when the daughter of his nemesis is charged with murder.

Watch Until 09/18/11

In Re: Curtis Farwell

Garza et al take on a car maker that may be hiding a deadly secret. Larry King guest stars.

Watch Until 09/18/11