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Catch free, full-length versions of the five most recent episodes online now. The call center's resident playboy answers all your questions about love. For Indian newlyweds, the choices are amazing. Looking to look into someone's future? Here's a few basics to get you started.


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Ask Manmeet
Love Advice, Part 5

Manmeet weighs in on keeping the flame alive and conquering first date jitters. Watch »

Season 1 Highlights
Ep 120: One Hot Aussie Mama

You don't sleep with your best friend's girlfriend's mom. Watch »

Ask Manmeet
Love Advice, Part 4

Manmeet gets personal. Watch »

Season 1 Highlights
Ep 119: Boneathon

Todd explains the sentimental meaning of the term "boneathon." Watch »

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Recent Episodes

Mama Sutra

Todd tries to set things right when Tonya's mom comes back to town; Madhuri's palm reading skills are met with skepticism.

Watch Until 06/03/11

Charlie Curries a Favor from Todd

In the throes of a mid-life crisis, Charlie takes a job working at the call center.

Watch Until 05/27/11

Gupta's Hits and Manmeet's Missus

Todd must intervene when Gupta accuses Manmeet of hitting him; Manmeet seeks to impress Ashlynn via video.

Watch Until 05/13/11

Todd's Holi War

The call center does battle with the A-team; Rajiv plots the perfect proposal.

Watch Until 05/06/11

Take this Punjab and Shove It

Todd makes a promising new hire - only to discover that his employee has immediately been poached by someone close to him.

Watch Until 04/29/11



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