Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions, Answered.

  • What exactly is UBot Studio?

    UBot Studio is a business automation software that lets you easily build custom bots that can make conditional decisions to automate your online workflow using a visual drag-and-drop interface.

    With UBot Studio, there is no need to learn those complex programming languages or memorize syntaxes to create powerful automation bots - just a simple Visual Scripting Interface to familiarize yourself with.

  • What kinds of bots can I make with UBot Studio?

    As a rule of thumb, if you can do it in a browser, you can automate it with UBot Studio. If you have a process to automate - just define what steps you want your bot to follow and voila!

    We have seen people make all sorts of bots including accounts creation, social bookmarking, SEO management, market research, domain search, keyword research and whole lot more.

    UBot Studio also offers support for software that allow for command line interactions, saving data into as well as reading from CSV files, scraping data, content spinning, interacting with forms, custom UI elements and the capability to make smart conditional-decisions.

    With UBot Studio, you are only limited by your imagination -- and not your technical skills. Start automating your business to reduce operations costs and increase your efficiency.

  • So, What's inside the Box?

    When you buy your copy of UBot Studio, the package will include:

    UBot Studio Software: When you order a license, you will be delivered the latest version of UBot studio software with a lifetime validity. Your license will never expire and you can keep using it without any additional fees.

    1 Year of Free Updates: Your license includes 1 year of free software updates. After 1 year you will have the option to subscribe to updates for as low as $5 a month.

    Do remember that even if you don't subscribe to upgrades, your license will remain valid for life and you can keep using the version you last downloaded before your updates subscription expired.

    Premium Support: Your license includes unlimited access to support forums, ticketing system, knowledge base and tutorials.

    Vibrant Community: UBot Studio has an extremely vibrant community of users on our forums and blog. You can ask for help, share bots, ideas and tips on our members-only discussion forums.

    Cost Saving: Just imagine the amount of profits and savings that you will be able to make by automating your business operations.

    Money Back Guarantee: Every license of UBot comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

  • What are the Requirements to run UBot Studio?

    You will need Windows (XP, Vista or Windows 7), 512 MB of Ram, 5 MB of disk space, Internet Explorer 7 or above and the .NET Framework 3.5.

  • Do you have a Mac Version of UBot Studio?

    UBot Studio does not have a native support Mac OSX. However, we have successfully used it on a Windows Virtual Machine using VMWare Fusion. That's one way of using UBot Studio on a Mac.

  • How Easy is it to Learn and use UBot Studio?

    UBot Studio is designed to be extremely easy to use. As a matter to fact, it is much easier to use than other automation software in the market. Don’t take our word for it, read what an iMacros Veteran has to say about it.

    We have extensive resources available to learn UBot Studio — Discussion Forums, UBot Wiki, UBot Blog and Video Tutorials. However, if you need any personalized help, you can directly contact our helpdesk.

    Yes, there is a small learning curve to UBot Studio and you will have to spend some time familiarizing yourself with the interface and VSL.

    But with all the resources and support available, it should not be difficult. After all, we have designed UBot Studio to make it easy to create powerful bots for people without programming skills.

  • How many computers can I use my License on?

    You can install your UBot Studio license on one desktop and one laptop. However, they can not be used on both the machines at the same time as it can trigger our piracy-control system.

  • Do you have a trial version?

    Unfortunately, we do not have a trial version of UBot Studio. We do have a 30-Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee. You are welcome to buy a license and try it for full 30-Days.

    During this period, you will have unlimited access to the latest full-version of UBot Studio, our support forums, training resources, tutorial videos and live-bots to learn from.

    If, for any reason, you are not convinced simply ask for a refund. We will not make you jump through any hoops.

  • What's your policy on Updates and Bug Fixes?

    Your license includes 1 year of free unlimited software updates and bug fixes. After 1 year you will have the option to subscribe to updates for as low as $5 a month.

    Do remember that even if you don't subscribe to upgrades, your license will still remain valid for life and you can keep using the version you last downloaded before your subscription expired.

  • Can I sell the compiled bots?

    Yes, you can sell your compiled bots or distribute them for free - it's your choice. We know some of our customers who are making thousands every month selling compiled bots.

    However, we do insist on making it clear that UBot Studio has not been developed as a commercial bot development tool. We do try to make the software as commercial bot-developer friendly as possible but our top priority is our core audience - customers who want to automate their own business processes with UBot Studio.

    The reason why we built compiling system in first place was to facilitate distribution of bots among internal teams. UBot's arrangement does not require a lot of the features that commercial bot developers require. It is important for us to utilize our resources smartly to keep improving UBot Studio in features that are requested by our core audience.

  • Can I Upload Videos and Images with UBot Studio?

    Absolutely! It is easy to interact with files and forms using UBot Studio -- so developing bots to upload videos and images on any such site is very much possible and easy to create.

    Not only can you upload such videos, if you want to randomize the titles and descriptions - either stored in a text / CSV file or using content spinner or both, you can also do that too pretty easily.

  • Can I scrape content with UBot Studio?

    Yes, you most certainly can. And as a matter of fact, it is very easy to do it using the internal $scrape command.

    Why just stop at scraping? Make your bot scrape the content, save it to a file, and then post it to your website -- it is easy to build such a bot with UBot Studio.

  • Can I save files and images with UBot Studio?

    Yes. You can save files, save images and take screenshots of an entire web-page or parts of it. UBot Studio has inbuilt commands to do it all.

  • Where can I download shared bots from?

    You can download shared bots from our official discussion forums. There are also some members who run their own blogs where they share it, you can also contact us for some links after you purchase your license of UBot Studio.

  • Do you have a discussion forum?

    Yes, we absolutely do. And some very talented UBotters actively participate in the discussions on the forums. Here's the link.

  • I Need an Invoice / Quote. Is it possible?

    Absolutely! Please contact our helpdesk with your specific requirements and we will try our best to accommodate them.

  • What payment methods do you offer?

    We accept Credit Cards and PayPal for online payment. If you cannot pay using either, please contact our helpdesk for alternatives.

  • How do you compare UBot Studio to other software available in market?

    We have created UBot Studio for Marketers and Entrepreneurs with their needs in mind and we make our software extremely non-programmer friendly These are just two of the things which really set us apart from any other automation software.

    If you need help in evaluating or comparing a specific feature in UBot Studio to any other such software in market, please contact the pre-sales helpdesk with your question.

  • How do I contact you for customer support?

    We recommend you to post your questions on our support forums where our technical support team as well as experienced UBotters will be more than glad to help you.

    Other support resources include UBot Wiki, UBot Blog, Commando Guide and Video Tutorials. If your problem is still not solved, you can always contact us directly using our helpdesk.

  • I saw a cracked version of UBot Studio. It was full of bugs - is the legal version stable?

    UBot Studio requires server side interaction for compiling the bots and a few other important aspects required to make the software work perfectly — if the proper license was in place, these bugs and other errors will not arise. It works flawlessly for hundreds of current UBot Studio customers.

    Read this post: OMG Your Software Doesn’t Work! It’s Crap.

  • Can I hire you to develop custom bots for me?

    Unfortunately, we don’t have enough resources to introduce such a service officially for now and would like to focus all our energy on developing and enhancing UBot Studio.

    However, feel free to contact our helpdesk and someone in the technical team may be in a position to take up your project on a freelance basis.

    Alternatively, you can post your request on UBot Studio Forums — we are sure a few customers may be up for a freelance gig.

  • Do you have an affiliate program?

    Absolutely, we do have an affiliate program that you can join and profit from. We also have features like coupon tracking and linking your affiliate account to compiled bots. Click here for details.

  • Do you offer a discount if I buy multiple licenses?

    Absolutely. If you want to buy multiple licenses, please contact our helpdesk for a custom quote.

  • I have a pre-sale question. How can I contact you?

  • I am convinced. How do I buy a copy of UBot Studio?

    Good Decision! Visit to buy your license.

    Once you complete the payment, your license will be automatically generated and delivered along with a link to download the latest version of UBot Studio.