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Stephen Harper seeks majority to dissolve Canada in favor of North American Union

If I’m elected I’ll give Canada to the US. I am American.

Mel Hurtig, the former elected leader of the National Party of Canada, a noted Canadian author and publisher, and the founder of the Council of Canadians has revealed that senior elected representatives and advisors to the Conservative Party, are currently planning a scheme to dissolve Canada in favor of North American Union.  Harper is seeking a majority government (for the 4th time) in order to implement this treasonous agenda.

Harper’s appearance at the New York City based Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) on September 25 2007, was made to officially endorse and express his commitment for the US North American Union agenda.

Harvard University educated CNN Veteran anchor Lou Dobbs, confirmed the official endorsement of the Stephen Harper Minority Conservative government on North American Union, or “New America”.

Mr. Harper has been apparently directed by the principal funders of the Conservative Party of Canada, which are ideologically linked to the CFR, to assimilate Canada into a new “Fortress North America” which is controlled by the U.S. political-military-industrial complex.  The Council of Foreign Relations had instructed Harper to implement the plan by no later than 2010.  Harper has since been trying to form and lead a majority government.  Fortunately for Canada and all Canadians Harper has not been handed a majority government by the voters.

Even with a minority government Stephen Harper’s government has been secretly and unlawfully harmonizing various Canadian government departments and agencies with U.S. governmental agencies – to expedite the assimilation of Canada into the neo-conservative vision of a “Fortress North America”.  One such move took place in February 2011 – before Harper’s government was dissolved for corruption that included charges of elections fraud, contempt of Parliament and non-confidence.

The secretive agreement was signed by U.S. President Barack Obama and Canadian minority Prime Minister Stephen Harper in Washington on Friday February 4, 2011 that aimed to remove Canada’s sovereignty.  The secretive deal between Obama and Harper will establish a new border AROUND Canada and the United States.  And it will begin the work of REMOVING the border between Canada and the U.S. in order to form a new corporate controlled (fascist) America called the North American Union (NAU).

The North American Union (NAU) is an economic union of Canada, Mexico, and the United States. The concept is loosely based on the European Union, including a common currency called the Amero.

United States big business want complete control of Canada’s vast natural resources.  Canada is the last remaining country on Earth with vast amounts of untapped natural resources.  The deal was made to rob Canada and Canadians of its financial future.  Greedy U.S. corporations have used up all remaining natural resource supplies in the United States so they have made a secret and very lucrative deal with Stephen Harper to sell out his country.

The border deal will ‘protect us’ from terror. That’s how it’s being ‘sold’, but in fact we are getting in bed with the number one terrorist nation in the world today, the United States of America; a nation that is also bankrupt and may be nearing social upheaval.

The Council of Foreign Relations has published a book on its North American Union manifesto entitled “Building a North American Community”.  John Manley, former Deputy Prime Minister in the Paul Martin Liberal Government is a co-author of this book.

The North American Union architects have used the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) to try and legitimize the take over of Canada by U.S. interests as a “logical outcome” of the terms of NAFTA.

The CFR website openly endorses the Conservative Party of Canada under Stephen Harper, alluding to his government having an alleged mandate to transform Canada substantively into a U.S. colony by implementing the recommendations of the CFR, book “Building a North American Community”.  There is therefore clearly a working association between the Harper government and the CFR to implement and execute the NAU agenda.

Stephen Harper is a traitor.  He is working secretively with a foreign government to dissolve the country we know as Canada.  The secretive negotiations are being done without the involvement of our Parliament, or the people of Canada or the United States.  It is an undemocratic betrayal of all of us.  It is an illegal act of treason.

When Canadians go to the polls on May 2, 2011 they may very well be participating in a treasonous act – if Stephen Harper is given a majority government and Canada is thereafter dissolved.   Canadian constitutional and related law is quite clear that any such effort by elected members of a government to subvert the political authority of the Government of Canada, constitutes breach of a Parliamentary Allegiance of Office, and broadly treason.  This is because the reportedly directed efforts of Ministers in the Stephen Harper government, to hand over Canada to the political authority of foreign state, without the consent of the diverse Canadian public, can only be executed by the seditious overthrowing of the Crown, i.e. Canadian Head of State.  Our flag will fly no more.  Our anthem will be sung no more.  Parliament will be permanently closed.  Canada will be wiped from the face of the Earth.

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On Friday, March 25, 2011 Canadian House of Commons MPs (the Canadian peoples' elected representatives in Parliament) voted 156-145 in favor of charging Stephen Harper's minority Tories with contempt of Parliament and expressing non-confidence in the government. This is the first time a Canadian Government has fallen on Contempt of Parliament, and is a first for a national government anywhere in the Commonwealth.

Contempt of Parliament is the punishable offense (a violation of the penal law) of obstructing the parliament in the carrying out of its functions, or of hindering any Member of Parliament in the performance of his or her duties.

Actions which can constitute a contempt of Parliament vary, but typically include such things as:

* deliberately misleading a House of Parliament or a Parliamentary committee;
* refusing to testify before, or to produce documents to, a House or committee; and
* attempting to influence a Member of Parliament, for example, by bribery or threats.

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