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Press Release: 15.04.2011

Bond University wins the English version of the ICC Trial Competition


Judges Elizabeth Odio Benito, Sanji Mmasenono Monageng and Christine Van Den Wyngaert with the winners of the ICC Trial Competition, representing Bond University (Australia), at the seat of the Court in The Hague © ICC-CPI

On 15 April 2011, ICC Judges Elizabeth Odio Benito, Sanji Mmasenono Monageng and Christine Van Den Wyngaert declared the team representing Bond University the winner of the English version of the ICC Trial Competition. The winning team is composed of Cale Davis, Gabrielle Morriss, Susan Forder and Tegan Little. Nalsar University of Law (India) and Osgoode Hall Law School (Canada) won, respectively, the second and third places.

The teams competed before the ICC Judges on a fictitious case, presenting oral arguments in the roles of Prosecution, Defence and Legal representation of victims during a confirmation of charges hearing. The finalists’ peers and coaches were seated in the Court’s public galleries. The final round of the ICC Trial Competition was also web streamed live on the Court’s official website. Following the decision rendered by the Chamber on the winners of the competition, the ICC hosted an awards ceremony for the winners and participants.

The ICC Judges presiding over the hearing, the Deputy Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda, the Registrar Silvana Arbia and other senior officials of the Court delivered awards to the best teams and top speakers. Photos and an AV summary of the competition will be available soon.

This year, 97 students from 21 universities representing 13 countries from all continents participated in the competition throughout their five days in The Hague. The competition offers to the students a unique opportunity to come together in an exciting setting and to meet with eminent personalities of the international law scene.

This simulation exercise on the applicable law and jurisprudence of the ICC is organised by the International Criminal Law Network (ICLN) with the institutional support of the ICC. The University of Amsterdam, Pace University and the American Society of International Law are also cooperating in the project.

In the context of its Academic Programme, the Court is also supporting the “Victor Carlos Garcia Moreno” competition organised by the Latin American Council of Studies on International and Comparative Law, COLADIC. The final of this Spanish-language trial competition will take place at the ICC on 10 June 2011. It is envisaged that, in the medium and long term, the ICC Trial Competition will also be expanded to other official languages of the Court, namely French, Arabic, Chinese and Russian.

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